Are you staying up past your bedtime watching too much cable T.V. while scrolling your social media feed and drinking an extra glass of wine?

Do you struggle falling asleep or staying asleep?

Do you wake up naturally in the morning -perhaps with the sunrise or are you waking up with an alarm clock?

I was just recording an interview on my friend Dr. Anna Cabeca’s GIRLFRIEND DOCTORS show today and we talked a lot about prioritizing your SLEEP!

Here is a great list of tips Dr. Anna has on her website for her sleep routine:

Mighty Maca
Mighty Maca for Hormone Balancing

Dr. Anna’s shared her night-time ritual:

I meditate before sleeping

I find that deep breathing and stretching before bed really helps to relax my body and prepare it for sleep

I take magnesium l-threonate (my Better Brain & Sleep formula)

3mg sublingual melatonin (Pura Snooze)

A dose of progesterone (Pura Balance PPR cream)

A scoop of Mighty Maca® Plus in hot water. Remember, Mighty Maca® Plus is an adaptogenic formula, so it helps when my body is overstimulated as well as understimulated

I also recently added to my night-time ritual and online store, Vida Optimal Balance that helps with overall hormone balance naturally. My Magic Menopause clients also have loved this formula

Dr. Anna Cabeca

Read the rest of the article on HORMONE BALANCE here and another great sleep article here

Are you getting outside at sunrise and sunset?

Are you taking time to take care of your health each day?

I love to exercise in the morning as the sun is rising – as well as get outside for walk or strength training session on our Hilltop at sunset.

Getting outside at sunrise will help set your circadian rhythm as well as watching the sunset… then turning off your blue lights at night and preparing for bedtime.

SLEEP is when we recover, repair, detox and rebuild.

WHY don’t we prioritize our sleep at night instead of cutting down on quality sleep to add in more hours in the day to get “stuff” done?

You may be shocked that a good night’s sleep will improve your productivity in the daytime.

How much deep restorative sleep do you get per night?

Are you tracking your sleep with the OURA ring or WHOOP band? I find it an amazing way to figure out how to improve your quality of sleep and gain more time in restorative sleep.

I also have sleep “hacks” I do before bed including Dr. Anna’s Mighty Maca Plus, Magnesium, Essential Oils, Yin Yoga, Biomat and Castor Oil Packs.

What are your sleep “hacks”?

Let me know if you struggle with getting and staying asleep- as well as waking up feeling refreshed, energized and ready to tackle the day!

Many of these are about stress reduction and getting your hormones balanced to support healthy biological rhythms.

Here are a few sleep tips from Dr. Anna that you can implement today…

Choose alkalizing whole foods. You can see dietary and lifestyle recommendations in my restorative health method book as well as a chart on alkalizing versus acidic foods. Mighty Maca® Plus is a great alkaline green superfood as well. Read more about the benefits of an alkaline diet in this article.

Breakfast is the most important meal. Always eat breakfast one hour from time of rising, and be sure to have healthy protein and fats, but very low carbs.

Reconnect with nature. Take long hikes. Try to get out and enjoy a few hours in nature a couple times a month.

Mya amore. Love-making releases oxytocin and reduces cortisol, helping you relax and fall asleep! (if you are having discomforts with your “lady parts” you may benefit from my vulvar rejuvenation cream, Julva®!

Gratitude journal. It will help you start your day on the positive. I guarantee it will make a difference in your stress-level and mood. Read this blog for other ideas on how to mentally reset!

Meditate. De-stress yourself to keep your hormones flowing naturally, supporting your natural rhythms.

Heart Math, EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization & Reprocessing) and EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique). All of these “therapies” help you with your emotional anxieties, supporting you in connecting with more positives, as well as better able to connect in your relationships.

Speak in positive verbiage. Whether about others or yourself, positivity is catching!

Deep breathing, Using/living my mantra, “Pause, Breath, Smile, Connect”

Identify your sleep patterns! I use a product from which helps identify your sleep patterns. I use in airplane mode to lessen EMFs.

Let me know your sleep tips, struggles and questions!

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