Episode 430; Insulin Friendly Living for the Athlete With Dr. Don Clum

Debbie has a new guest on the show to dive into fasting, insulin and athletic performance!  Learn something new from Dr. Don Clum…

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Energy is prime to every cell, and this makes insulin the boss. It’s a bully in the playground, but overexposure to insulin shuts down the repair and keeps our system in a wanting state. Insulin is a storage hormone, and it’s the only hormone that can make you gain body fats. Your insulin levels are not determined by the glycemic index of your food {carb count) as many believe. 70% of your insulin response comes before the food gets into your system because the body interprets the senses more than food. Learning what triggers this hormone and adjusting your habits to an insulin-friendly lifestyle is the key to keeping your insulin at a happy level to optimize health for longevity and performance.

Join the conversation with Dr. Don Clum as he shares more about insulin, insulin resistance, and the right way to fasting to help you optimize your metabolic health and performance. Dr. Don Clum is a Human Nutritionist and a chiropractic specialist. He started a fully integrated wellness center in 2010, bringing holistic services of chiropractic, massage, metabolic nutrition, metabolic workouts, wellness psychology, and medical services collaboration.

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During this episode, you will learn about;

[00:24] About KetoCon Austin 2022 conference. Registration code Lowcarbathlete

[04:34] Dr. Don passion for insulin resistance and the fasting world

[08:25] Exercising habits and the impact of doing workouts to the extreme

[10:21] What is insulin resistance, how it happens and why it can be a problem

[18:05] Signs and symptoms of insulin resistance

[19:11] The role of insulin and fructose in the hunger cycle

[20:57] Simple tests for insulin resistance and their positive markers

[25:05] Being healthy from inside out, don’t just focus on what you can see

[27:48] Keeping insulin at a happy level to optimize health for longevity and performance

[31:49] How high insulin levels impact fat and sugar metabolism

[35:22] How the gut lining can cause hyper-insulin response and how to keep it healthy

[38:37] Healthy eating habits; eat right without reducing your food quantity

[41:23] Going into fasting in the right way as a female athlete

[47:14] Fasting and hormonal cycle and why women need a prior plan

[51:11] Why you need to turn off your digestion during workouts

[55:52] Key takeaways from Dr. Don to help optimize your metabolic health

[59:57] Being fat adapted and the idea of growth and repair

[01:01:17] How to reach out and connect with Dr. Don

Notable Quotes

  • “80% of diabetes damage happens before the blood sugar gets in the prediabetes range.”
  • “If you want to burn fat, you’ve to earn that spot and stay there, it takes effort, but it will increase your endurance.”
  • “We don’t burn more calories in a day because we work out; our body has a budge.”
  • “Don’t break your eating routine; break your eating frequencies.”
  • “Fructose is toxic if it’s not coming from a fruit’”
  • “Growth breaks us up, but repair builds us up.”

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