Episode #461 Lauren Alexander on Qualia Senolytic & Longevity

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Lauren Alexander of Neurohacker Collective

Lauren Alexander is the Vice President of Marketing for Neurohacker Collective; a company focused on making groundbreaking products for wellness and overall human biology. It was founded in 2015 to create best-in-class well-being products by employing a unique methodology for research and development based on complex systems science. This scientific approach focuses on supporting the body’s ability to self-regulate rather than overriding regulatory systems with chemicals designed to move a biomarker in a particular direction.

During our discussion, you will discover the meaning of senescent cells and how they accelerate the aging process, the best way to get rid of the senescent cells, the best time to take Qualic Senolytic, and the best way to manage stress. You will also learn tips on how to know that you are getting rid of the senescent cells, the biggest stacks of biohacking to improve the aging process, and the importance of building resilience in our health. Tune in to learn more on this and other exciting topics!


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Resources mentioned


[08:04] Lauren Alexander’s background information

[15:46] What drives Lauren to Neurohacker

[20:33] Senolytic and Senescence cells

[26:15] Qualia Life and Qualia Skin products

[28:33] The best way to get rid of the senescence cells

[33:56] The best time to take Qualia Senolytic

[35:56] Tips to know that you are getting rid of the senescence cells

[38:06] The biggest stacks of biohacking to improve the aging process

[41:43] The best way to manage stress

[48:02] The importance of building resilience in our health

[49:40] What is a neurohacker?

[56:37] The long-term duration of taking Qualia Senolytic

Notable quotes

  • “Sufficient use of cellular resources encourages the regeneration of more youthful cells and supports tissue health and appearance, promoting a whole body cellular rejuvenation plan.”
  • “Understanding what senescence cells do is the key to unlocking the healthy aging puzzle.”
  • “Strive to thrive every day. Not survive the day.”

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