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Episode #463 Making Sense of your Metabolism with BioSense

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Jim Howard is a 28-year health technology executive and current CEO of Readout Health in St. Louis.  Jim’s career started in the pharma industry before transitioning to digital health in the early 2000’s to digital health back in the Blackberry days.  His background included leadership positions in respiratory diagnostics with CareFusion that led him to be interesting in breath technologies to solve chronic disease.  He is now co-founder of Readout Health, maker of Biosense, the medical device that tracks fat burn trends providing real-time feedback on exercise and food for behavior modification.   Jim lives in St. Louis with his wife and young children and has greatly benefited from a low-carb lifestyle since 2018.

“I was a college athlete that had six surgeries and lived a life of debilitating inflammation by 50 due to the a high carb/essentially low fat diet. My wife had had cancer and was on the ketogenic diet, and when I caved in the impact was almost immediate. I was later introduced to the researchers that were working on the Biosense breath ketone technology. Three patents later, here we are.  I now run the most innovative company in the biomarker metabolic research world, working with pharma, researchers, and consumers.”

Conversation topics:

  • Why is it so important to have biofeedback all day for metabolic biomarkers like ketones? Snapshot or video?
  • What is ketosis dosing?
  • What is the impact of certain levels of ketosis on inflammation and recovery? What about all of these other areas like mental health and cancer tumors?


Endurance Athlete Specific Questions:

  • How does Bio Sense work and who needs it- lesson 101: easy to explain, you may want to ask about other devices
  • How does Biosense help the endurance athlete burn fat, improve performance and longevity?
  • How can we use Biosense to determine our personalized nutrition, fueling and training schedule?
  • Metabolic flexibility and cyclical keto

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