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Episode #464 with Autumn Smith of Paleo Valley

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Autumn Smith suffered from debilitating digestive issues and crippling anxiety for most of her life. Specialist after specialist told her nothing could be done, and she was ready to give up. But as one final attempt at a life free of health issues, Autumn decided to harness the power of whole foods. She cleaned up her diet and in just 30 days, her IBS was cured. But that was just the beginning. She also had less anxiety, was mentally sharper, and a bubbly side of her that she forgot existed came back. Since then, Autumn has dedicated her life to helping others harness the power of whole foods to live vibrant lives.

In 2013, she and her husband Chas launched Paleovalley, a company dedicated to helping people get the essential nutrients they need, without added sugars, grains, and other harmful ingredients. But they didn’t stop there. After learning about the healing powers of grass fed, pasture raised meat – both for our bodies and the planet – Autumn and Chas started their next venture. In 2018, they launched Wild Pastures, a regenerative meat delivery service that sends 100% grass fed pasture raised meat directly to your doorstep.

Debbie and Autumn chat about how she reclaimed her health using food as medicine after a 10 year struggling with IBS, anxiety, depression and an eating disorder.

  • We also dive into various topics as
  • Why is the “meat is bad” narrative dangerous and where did it come from?
  • What is wrong with current animal agriculture?
  • What is regenerative agriculture and what are its benefits?
  • Are there nutritional differences in animal products based on how they are raised?
  • How can we find affordable, high quality meat?

Plus they have a Docuseries called Rethink Meat coming soon, a new healthy burger restaurant in Boulder, CO and our products from Paleovalley and Wild Pastures

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Paleo Valley

I wanted to share a new food delivery service that I started using this month instead of Butcher Box.  They have an amazing deal I wanted to share with friends.

Here is a new link below for 20% OFF Subscriptions for Life + Free Shipping for Life + $15 OFF your first box of WILD PASTURES- my new choice for home delivery animal protein once a month!

Click the link above to see if they deliver to where you live as they are just starting and growing quickly.

Grass Fed & Pasture Raised Meat For The Lowest Prices

  • Wild Pastures delivers meat from regenerative, American family farms to your doorstep for less
  • The Wild Pastures Difference
  • 100% of our meat is raised on pasture by family farmers in the USA using regenerative farming practices. The result is healthier meat that is better for the planet.
  • Truly Grass Fed & Pasture-Raised
  • Wild Pastures is a network of highly principled farmers in the USA raising animals outdoors on lush grass pastures – the way nature intended. No feedlots here!
  • Beyond Sustainable…We’re Regenerative!
  • All of our farmers utilize regenerative farming practices in order to raise healthy animals in a way that is beneficial to the ecosystem and environment.
  • The Lowest Prices Without Cutting Corners
  • Our mission is to help transform the meat industry by making the highest quality, truly pasture-raised meat available to everyone at the lowest prices.

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