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Episode #507 with Lenita Anthony on Measuring your FTP for Cyclists

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Our guest for today, Lenita Anthony, is a multi-talented individual with a wealth of experience in the field of exercise physiology and health coaching. With over three decades of expertise, she has been dedicated to helping clients achieve their goals through personalized lifestyle counseling and motivational interviewing. Lenita’s approach empowers individuals to adopt and maintain lifelong habits that prevent diseases and promote overall well-being. In addition to her extensive knowledge in physical health, she also integrates emotional, social, and spiritual coaching to facilitate lasting behavior change driven by the clients themselves.

During our discussion, you will discover, the importance of testing and improving your Functional Threshold Power(FTP) as an athlete. Lenita shares why so much about workouts and fitness and why aging athletes should be measuring their power when riding bikes. She also talks about how to test your functional threshold power, what you should do with the results to increase performance, and how you can use power to know when to recover and work out more. Tune in to learn more!

Episode resources:



[05:49] Lenita Anthony’s background information

[07:52] Why Lenita knows so much about workouts and fitness

[13:13] Why aging athletes should be measuring their power when riding bikes

[17:11] The importance of testing and improving your performance and longevity

[23:54] Ways to test your functional threshold power

[29:02] The best time to retest your functional threshold power

[30:50] What we should do with our test results to increase performance

[34:03] The training zones

[38:16] Each training zone’s fuel source

[48:49] The guidelines for recovery in each zone

[53:28] How to fit a swim, bike, and run training for the tri-athletes

[55:51] Ways to use power to know when to recover and workout more

[01:02:40] How to get stronger and more powerful in bike riding

Notable quotes:

  • “Understanding the WHY of everything is important to figuring out the purpose of each workout.”
  • “Functional threshold power can be defined as the highest power that we can maintain in a steady state for an extended period of time without fatigue.”
  • “With testing, we get to find out where we always concentrate on and identify the areas of opportunity that we always neglect and concentrate on them to become better athletes.”

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