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Episode #489 Lenita Anthony on Gaining Strength & Power as we Age

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Lenita Anthony, our guest for today, is an exercise physiologist, health coach, fitness professional, educator, author, and lifelong athlete with over 30 years of experience bolstering clients’ goals through lifestyle counseling and motivational interviewing. She empowers clients to develop, implement, and adhere to lifelong disease prevention and health promotion through customized behaviors and habits. Lenita incorporates emotional, social, and spiritual coaching into lasting, client-driven behavior change.

During our discussion, you will discover how we can adjust our training as we get older to gain strength, power, and speed. Lenita shares what happens to our bodies as we age, the effects of low estrogen levels on the female body, and why we should prioritize strength training in our routine as we age. She also talks about some key strength exercises people should start implementing, the recovery process of strength training, and tips to know if you have recovered enough from a workout. Tune in to learn more!


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[01:19] Embracing the aging process and not fighting it

[04:18] The effects of low estrogen on the female body

[06:17] The changes that happen in our bodies as we age

[11:06] It’s never too late to start exercising and improving the aging process

[13:36] Why we should prioritize strength training in our routine as we age

[18:27] Lenita’s track cycling level in the world

[21:48] Some key strength exercises people should start implementing

[24:24] The recovery process of strength training for the aging athlete

[26:49] The high-intensity interval training versus short-intensity versus endurance training

[33:06] How people can go hard enough and not be scared of pushing themselves

[39:05] Matching your strength training with fueling

[46:57] Tips to know if you have recovered enough from a workout


Notable quotes:

  • “Don’t blame the aging process. Embrace it and adjust how you train.”
  • “Life does not end just because you hit the menopause transition. There is so much that we can still do. We just have to equip ourselves with knowledge and some good coaching.”
  • “As an aging athlete, make your hard days by kicking hard the next day recover. We need the recovery more now than we did earlier.”
  • “Listening to your body is an art that we have shied away from because of our increased reliance on the external matrix.”


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