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Episode #537 on the Food Marble Aire Device, SIBO & Aonghus Shortt

Aonghus is CEO and co-founder of FoodMarble, the maker of the world’s first digestive breath tester. Coming from an engineering background, Aonghus originally created this technology to help his wife figure out which foods she could eat, so she could get a handle on her gut health challenges. He’s passionate about helping people measure and truly understand the workings of their own digestive systems. Find out more at

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Listen to my recent interview here with Dr. Davis on SUPER GUT protocols.   Food Marble Topics:

  1. What is your purpose, passion and mission?
  2. What is the AIRE DEVICE?
  3. How does our digestion optimally and what goes wrong for many people? 
  4. How gases are produced – SIBO and why? 
  5. What is the process? Track what you eat to understand how different foods impact your digestion.
  6. How breathe impacts gut health – SIBO
    1. Take breath tests
    2. After you eat, the app asks you to take breath tests. The results help you track your digestion in real time.
    3. Monitor and improve your symptoms
    4. See how food, sleep and stress are affecting your gut and make changes.

7. What are the BENEFITS of testing and not guessing SIBO and foods – how to use data to course correct and health- correlate with building a SUPER GUT!? 8.  Personalised info- how does it help personalize info = real-time results. 9. How would using a FoodMarble breath tester and app will help you find the foods that work for your digestive system. It’s easy, it’s validated, it’s all in your breath.   Save on your device with code DEBBIE or click here

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