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Hi there!

Here are some upcoming opportunities for you to take care of the WHOLE you from the inside out with my “The WHOLESTIC Method” Coaching Services!

  1.  September five day fat loss Jumpstart Challenge:  $97
    • Online meeting this Friday 9am (recorded if you can’t make it)
    • Five days of health and fat loss coaching with me
    • Intermittent fasting, digestion reset and liver detox
    • Phase one of my three phase 30-day program which starts October 1st (see below)
    • Click Link here to register (10-20 people per program)
  1. October 30-day fat loss and health building program:  $597
  1. Online personal training coaching program using Training Peaks:  $197

As you know – our building is being torn down for a new office complex. We will be out of our space October 1st. 

  • Thursday, September 12th – Last day of group training 6:15-7:00 am.
  • Monday, September 30th – Last day for Fitness Forward Studio.  

*The auction company starts work on Tuesday, October 1st so I will share the live auction link when ready!

While I continue my search for a new opportunity to rent space for training my clients, there will be most likely be a gap of time where I don’t have a location to train clients.  

During my this time, Sue Matyas and Michael Bowman may have openings while I am unavailable in October.  I will update all of you of any changes as they happen.

I am still doing Nutritional Therapy. Please reach out if you are interested in signing up for this or in any of my other programs you can find on my website

I am out of town 10/6-10/20 for a work seminar I am hosting as well as a writing work retreat to complete my FDN Practitioner finals (written exam, three practical’s and case studies) for most of October. 

Learn more on and sign up for one of my free eBooks! 

Debbie Potts

The Fat Adapted Athlete Program

The WHOLESTIC Method Coaching Program

Train the WHOLE Athlete from the Inside Out!

Burn Fat.  Optimize Health. Improve Performance.


FDN Practitioner fall 2019

Host of “The WHOLE Athlete” podcast

Author of ‘LIFE IS NOT A RACE’ & ‘The WHOLESTIC Method Manual’

How Chronic Stress IMPACTS The Whole You!

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