Functional Lab Testing to be a FIT and HEALTHY Athlete

The FDN Health Detective 3-Step Process:

Step 1: We investigate your HIDDEN internal chronic stressors and contributors to your METABOLIC CHAOS that we do not know about unless we run well-chosen functional lab tests.

We assess your “Metabolic Chaos®” by running well chosen functional labs to identify your healing opportunities and malfunctions within the HIDDEN internal stressors:

  • Hormone
  • Immune
  • Digestion
  • Detoxification
  • Energy Production
  • Nervous Systems

We start our investigation into your HIDDEN stressors & malfunctions underlying most chronic health complaints! 

Be aware that the test results are NOT the problem and we do NOT treat the test results or your symptoms… rather we use the results to provide us with insights into your problems and into the areas that need improvement (rebalancing, rebooting and restoring) as well as using the data to reveal a pathway to reducing CHAOS and restore order so that your optimal health and vitality returns!

Current lab testing pricing for 2022:

FDNP Functional Lab Test Rates + Medical Director Fees
DUTCH Test: Hormone Panel Test $300
Organic Acids Metabolites Profile Test $299
GI Map Gut Health & Pathogen Test 
Vibrant Wellness GI Zoomer
Wheat Zoomer & Food Sensitivity Bundle 
Cost: $238.80 USD / $238.80 USD plus shipping to Canada (Note client will responsible for 2-day return shipping)
  • Each individual Zoomer is $238.80 USD
  • A Celiac Genetics panel can be added for $30
Bundle pricing – Each Zoomer bundle includes a free add-on.
Please signify either the VW Food Sensitivity Test
Profile 1, Profile 2, Food Additive Panel or the Neural Zoomer (Not Neural Zoomer Plus)
  • 4 Zoomer Bundle – One of the above tests plus 4 additional food Zoomers = $480 plus $150 MDP fee
  • 5 Zoomer Bundle – One of the above tests plus 5 additional food Zoomer = $600 plus $150 MDP fee
  • 6 Zoomer Bundle – One of the above tests plus 6 additional food Zoomer = $720 plus $150 MDP fee
  • 7 Zoomer Bundle – One of the above tests plus 7 additional food Zoomer – $840 plus $150 MDP fee
Do you have HIDDEN internal stressors?

We run well-chosen Five Functional Labs to begin our investigation

  • Stress hormone profile:
  • Assess H-P-A Axis Dysfunction Cortisol dysregulation
  • Circadian rhythm problems
  • Cortisol/Catabolic Dominance
  • Sex hormone imbalances
  • Vital reserve snapshot
  • Cortisol, DHEA
  • Estrogens, Progesterone
  • Testosterone
  • Melatonin
  • Provides snapshot of overall vital reserve, guides/directs therapy, points to areas for deeper investigation, baseline to monitor changes
  • Documents our investigation into your Metabolic Chaos®

Cost:  Biohealth 205a = $212 or Dutch Hormone Panel Test = $399

Metabolic Assessment Profile

  • Documents Metabolic Chaos®
  • Assess Gut, Toxicity, Liver Maldigestion, dysbiosis
  • Oxidative stress, free radicals
  • Poor detoxification, enterohepatic circulation
  • Indican
  • Lipid Peroxides
  • Urinary Bile Acid Sulfates
  • Identifies multiple healing opportunities, areas that need improvement, and direct measurement of liver congestion
  • Results of and contributors to your Metabolic Chaos®

Cost:  Biohealth 101 Metabolic Assessment Test = $155

Intestinal Permeability

  • Assess Mucosal Barrier Function Nutrient assimilation, penetration Immune system
  • Villi integrity Hyper-permeability Dysbiosis, Pathology
  • A healthy mucosal barrier protects the very sensitive inside of our bodies from the toxic outside world.
  • Documents Metabolic Chaos®

Intestinal Permeability Test

  • Elevated lactulose, mannitol recoveries suggest overall increased permeability between and through the intestinal epithelial cells.
  • Paracellular permeability (between the cells) can result in macromolecules, toxins and antigens crossing the intestinal barrier into the lymph & circulatory systems, a condition termed “leaky gut”.
  • This increases load on the body’s detoxification system and may stimulate immune reactivity, IBD, arthritis, depression, mental clarity and other inflammatory conditions.
  • Decreased mannitol may mean damaged villi in passage of normal particles across the barrier, resulting in poor nutrition.
  • Multiple healing opportunities!

Cost:  Biohealth Intestinal Permeability Test (Leaky Gut) = $110

 GI Pathogen Screening

  • Assess Pathology, Dysbiosis, Overgrowth, Infestation
  • Stool Culture, Microscopy, Tri-chrome Stain Stool Antigen testing
  • C. Diff Toxins, Occult Blood, H. pylori antigen
  • Identify pathogens, overgrowth & biofilms that prevent healing and contribute to Metabolic Chaos®

Cost:  Biohealth 401H Pathogen Test = $275

GI Map Pathogen Testing = $359

Oral Intolerance Testing: food sensitivity

  • Food sensitivity testing tells us much more about a person than which foods to avoid
  • Up to 170 reactivities
  • Avoid consuming for 3 months Re-introduce one-at-a-time
  • Secrets to unraveling Metabolic Chaos®

“Lab results are not the problem; they are the result of the problem” Reed Davis

Cost:  MRT Leap Food Sensitivity Test = $335

Metabolic Typing Diet: “Metabolic Typing® (MT) is a revolutionary system that addresses each person at a fundamental metabolic level, allowing for increased energy, weight loss and greater resistance to disease. 

Cost:  Metabolic Typing Diet Quiz = $79

Which foods are best for your type?

There isn’t a single diet that is ideal for everyone due to variations in:

  • Climate
  • Local produce
  • Environmental conditions
  • Hereditary
  • Genetics
  • Culture
  • Individual metabolism variances due to SNS vs. PNS dominance

“The modern science of metabolic typing® utilizes various methods for identifying peoples’ biochemical individuality and determining their dietary needs. A primary method is the interpretation of “body language,” or the evaluation of any number of the hundreds of different traits and characteristics that make one person distinct from another in terms of:

  • physical appearance
  • anatomical or structural traits
  • psychological characteristics
  • personality and behavioral traits
  • food reactions and dietary preferences

“Believe it or not, all your highly individualized characteristics have biochemical correlates. In other words, they are a direct result of the unique way in which your regulatory (or homeostatic) control systems are designed.”

We all have genetically inherited strengths or weaknesses (or imbalances) in our:

  • autonomic nervous system
  • carbo-oxidative system
  • lipo-oxidative system
  • endocrine system

“These are the key homeostatic systems that determine your metabolic type. For example, your autonomic nervous system manages all the involuntary activity in your body — your heartbeat, your breathing, your digestion, reproductive functions, immune activity, etc.

The carbo-oxidative and lipo-oxidative systems control the way in which your cells convert nutrients into energy, and your endocrine system exerts all kinds of influences on your metabolism through the secretion of hormones, the chemical messengers that manage the activity of tissues and cells.

There are countless readily observable clues that help reveal how these systems function for you.

For example, if you’re tall and have good concentration but weak digestion, these are traits that suggest something about the way your autonomic nervous system (ANS) is designed, i.e., that your body may be more influenced by the sympathetic branch of the ANS, relative to the parasympathetic branch.

Or if you have a poor appetite and have low energy but function well on sugar or starches, you might be a slow oxidizer rather than a fast oxidizer.”- learn more on

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