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My role as an FDN-Practitioner with my client is to be a detective- an investigator into resolving an individual’s METABOLIC CHAOS.  I will help educate my clients to adopt the “self-care” model based on providing them with the tools to facilitate behavior change based on our clinical correlation of functional labs to an individual’s history, main health complaints and lifestyle then recommend a healing and rebuilding protocol designed specifically for their individual needs and goals. 

FDN Practitioner acts as a Health Detective to resolve your METABOLIC CHAOS

Reed Davis, the founder of FDN-P, defines stress as “any influence, internal or external that causes or leads to malfunction”.  Stress is often well hidden and maybe involved several layers of investigation- which is what we do as FDN practitioners.  We act as a health detective to help guide the client to healing and rebuilding the WHOLE you from the inside out. 

Not all stress is bad stress.  We can experience distress or eustress. Small doses of stress are healthy but when the stress becomes non-stop it is chronic and we don’t have time to recover from the stressor. 

When our body functions become to malfunction from chronic stress… and when our body systems are at ease but become dis-eased as we used up our vital reserves leading to various unexplained symptoms and contribute to what is termed “METABOLIC CHAOS”.

An FDN Practitioner is your Health Detective to help investigate your crime of external and internal CHRONIC STRESSORS.. and the result of you living life as a race each day!

Distress includes –

  • Mental and emotional stress (perceived) = fear, worry, excitement, anxiety, relationships, existential angst, lack of purpose, covertness, negative perceptions or a bad attitude. 
  • Biochemical and trauma (physical) = trauma, micro-trauma, fractures, muscle injuries, weakness, nerve compression, repetitive or positional injury, intense and prolonged exercise, poor posture and accidents.
  • Chemical and biochemical HIDDEN stressors and contributors to METABOLIC CHAOS.  Inflammatory foods, additives, pesticides, herbicides, GMOs, alcohol, caffeine, blood sugar, prescription medication, recreational drugs, chemicals, metals, radiation, EMF’s, antibiotics, OTC meds, exogenous hormones, parasites, bacteria, fungi, viruses, allergies, overactive immune system, sleep deprivation and no exercise!

The Chronic Stress Cascade:  HIDDEN stress and imbalances- if not soon resolved – cascades into other areas- metabolic chaos ensues (the problem)- causing serious dys-function (weak link dependent)- leading to dis-ease and symptoms -how the problems appear or show up.

Specifically, as an FDNP Health Detective, I will provide my client-

  • results and recommendations (RnR)
  • specific steps and strategies to follow their personalized “D.R.E.S.S. for Health Success” program
  • case notes to track discoveries, changes and progress
  • be there to support the client, answer questions and guide course correction as needed
  • provide honest feedback to the client and help them feel accountable to the program
  • make and keep appointments with the client
  • retest and investigate to a deeper level as needed
  • refer out to other providers or practitioners as needed for additional support

FDN is an emerging field and growing body of work that bridges the gap of medical care and self-care- taking ownership of that bridge.  FDN allows any allied health practitioner to present an effective opt-in model of care to their clients that is easy to follow and exactly what they have been looking for from a health care provider.  The FDN protocols provided are potent, proven and individualized to build health. 

Training the WHOLE athlete involves working on the eight elements of The WHOLESTIC Method to improve performance and longevity

The purpose of an FDN-practitioner is to help individuals investigate and resolve their underlying contributors to their “METABOLIC CHAOS”.  An FDN-practitioner correlates the results of a client’s functional lab tests with the client’s main health complaints, history, and concerns to provide clues to help reveal healing opportunities then provides the client with self-healing protocols.   FDN Practitioners are investigators and helping guide a client to put the pieces of their health puzzle back together to regain health, vitality and homeostasis.

FDN stands for Functional Diagnostic Nutrition which means-

Functional is a meaningful indicates working with and respecting the innate intelligence of the body, how the body really works.  It is the desire for equilibrium and balance (homeostasis).

Diagnostic with “functional” means to find healing opportunities, uncover opportunities to evoke the healing response, and to identify and remove obstacles to recovery.

Nutrition to nurture, to feed the cells, tissues, organs and systems- the organism.  to provide everything the body genetically requires.

An FDN practitioner is similar to a health detective- we work with you to help investigate why you are experiencing your main health complaints and help identify healing opportunities, instead of treating symptoms, and areas of health that need improvement (areas of opportunities).  We coach up clients to achieve their desired results.

We use functional labs to help create clinical correlation and to use results to help put the pieces of the puzzle together- an individualized approach to healing.  We do not treat the test results.  Instead we use the DRESS For Health Success program to help guide a client to healing from the inside out.

What is the role of an FDN Practitioner? 

Life Mantras
  • We act as Health Detectives and use our many tools to solve the “METABOLIC CHAOS” crime including our signature functional labs.
  • We investigate the underlying causes of unwanted health conditions including lifestyle, the environment and individual “weak” links in the metabolism
  • We are look for clues of HIDDEN dysfunction and imbalances – hormones, immune, digestion, and detoxification systems. 
  • We create all-natural recommended protocols that work in a non-specific manner 
  • Our goal is to build up and maintain health for individuals
  • Many symptoms and diseases tend to disappear over time and “normal” function is restored (homeostasis is reset) as we, health coaches, coach up the function of the dys-functioned body systems
  • We do not diagnose or treat any disease- we treat everything non-specifically
  • We used the “D.R.E.S.S. for Health Success” protocols to impact every cell, tissue, organ and body system (the WHOLE person- the organism).
  • General health building principles can often outperform specific treatments by treating nothing specifically and everything non-specifically – unwanted health conditions ideally improve or disappear as long as the “METABOLIC CHAOS” Cascade is reversed.  
  • We are all unique bio-individuals with different history, lifestyles, genetics, imbalances, deficiencies, environments, stressors and dysfunctions – so there is not “one size fits all” approach to healing and rebuilding an individual’s health.
  • We implement our health building principles and trust the outcomes – while we adjust and correct our direction as we continue on our healing and rebuilding journey to restore The WHOLE Athlete. 
Chronic Stress, internal and external sources, accumulates, overloads and overfills your “Beaker of Stress”

The sources of stress could be from various sources including: 

  1. Mental and Emotional
  2. Biochemical and Trauma
  3. Chemical and Biochemical

If HIDDEN stressors and imbalances are not soon resolved, they will quickly cascade into other areas and METABOLIC CHAOS causing serious DYS-Function which then leads to dis-EASE and symptoms.  The symptoms will show up anywhere and could be far removed from the problem(s).  Serious dysfunction occurs from CHRONIC stress disorders -the symptoms are the last part to occur.  We look upstream to help straighten up the METABOLIC CHAOS by identifying then eliminating the contributors while coaching up the body’s natural reserves then clients feel better from the inside out!

“Symptoms are not the problem but the RESULTS of the problem” – Reed Davis

The Chronic Stress Cascade: 

What is under the surface, as under the hood of your car, are chronic stress related dysfunctions which accumulate and contribute to METABOLIC CHAOS.  The results and contributors to the body systems chaos.  “Distress of any kind contributes to loss of homeostasis, dysfunction, disease and eventual METABOLIC CHAOS.  A weakened state of health and left unchecked leads to symptoms downstream.  Treating the symptoms only leads to worsening of the underlying dis-ease state. “


“Metabolic Chaos” is a state that exists because of HIDDEN complexities in one’s metabolism and underappreciated influences from the environment, so correlation between symptoms and the cause is UNPREDICATBLE.

A clue to METABOLIC CHAOS is the intervention based on traditionally reliable cluster of symptoms or abnormal objective markers produces only a marginal therapeutic response.  Contributors to METABOLIC CHAOS are the CAUSE and METABOLIC CHAOS is the EFFECT – until METABOLIC CHAOS itself becomes the single most significant health condition.

Are you ready to start your new healing and rebuilding journey?

You need to be motivated and ready to commit to new lifestyle habits as taking supplements are only one part of the “D.R.E.S.S. for Health Success” protocols designed for your individual needs to bring your body back to balance- homeostasis.

Contact me if you are interested in a complimentary consultation to see if we are a good match and if my health detective coaching program is the right answer for you at this time!

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