How can you get more results from your workout sessions… and in less time?

By Debbie Potts, Personal Trainer and Owner, Fitness Forward Studio

The Total Body Workout Metabolic Effect can you raise your metabolism for 24-48 hours after your workout. Most cardio workouts just burn calories during the workout session.  But, with the Total Body Workout can boost your metabolism after your workout is over by adding a secret step — cardio blasts within a total body workout session.

Discover the benefits of  a “Total Body Workout” session by wearing a heart rate monitor and trying to keep your heart rate aerobic or anaerobic while strength training.  The total body workout occurs when you blend cardiovascular exercise, strength training, functional training, stability and mobility into one workout session.  The metabolic effect occurs when you add cardio blasts with total body strength, core and mobility exercises to raise your heart rate to 80% or higher of your maximum heart rate.

The total body metabolic style of workout sessions not only raises your metabolism after your workout, but it also improves movement, reduces the time of the workout session and helps you slow down the aging process. Don’t you want to have more time in your life to play and age gracefully?  Do you want to look ten years younger and look better naked?  If you said yes, read further.

Here are some facts as I see it from my observations and experience as a personal trainer:


  1. Everyone is busy and short of time. We are all out of any spare time and we overschedule our days.


  1. We are all glued to our cell phones, obsessed with the internet and constantly checking emails. We are working too many hours in an attempt to be accessible 24-7.


  1. We have failed to set guidelines and boundaries regarding our personal time so the line between work and home has become completely blurred.


  1. We struggle to find quality time with our friends and family.


  1. Workout time gets eliminating because we are too busy.


  1. People continue to gain weight as they make less than ideal choices when eating, drinking and exercising.


Because we are all over programmed and tied to technology, our mobility, stability and strength has become compromised.  Sitting in traffic every morning and night and sitting at a computer all day lowers our movement, aerobic activity and mobility.

The solution? I say it’s time to mix it up!  Mix up your workout sessions.  The “all in one” total body workouts are the way to go for an efficient exercise.  I challenge you to get out of the habit of using only strength machines for your workout sessions and instead train your body the way it was designed to move.

The all in one total body workout pulls all of the necessary components of full body exercise movements into one session as well as stability, mobility and aerobic benefits. Bonus:  add a heart rate monitor to your training makes the workout even more beneficial and focused.

I started using a heart rate training program with my clients this fall.  The results have been amazing.  The training is more focused and efficient.  The heart rate monitors help individuals perform strength based exercises and interval training while maintaining the desired heart rate zone.  We perform two-three higher heart rate training session per week, also known as “HIIT” (High Intensity Interval Training).  The goal is to keep the heart rate high, in yellow and red zones, for 1-4 minutes.  The following day we do green zone (aerobic) exercises by performing a strength exercise (multi-muscle group) followed by a cardio type of exercise to pick up the heart rate.

Are you interested in raising your metabolism and burn more calories at rest?  I suggest using a heart rate monitor in your next workout and mix it up with total body strength exercises added into your routine to keep your heart rate elevated.  One or two times per week add more anaerobic (80-90% max heart rate) effort into your workout with 20-30 second all out bursts.

Get more benefits from your time spend exercising… and in less time.   I train my clients as well as myself for 30-45 minute sessions to create a total body workout sessions that drives up your metabolism for the rest of the day.  Remember to train in lower heart rate zones (60-70% max heart rate) the following day for active recovery so you avoid over training with too much high heart rate training sessions.

Now you can get fit and lean in less time!   A typical old school strength training workout that takes over 60 minutes with a lot of sitting can be revised into a 30 minute efficient “all in one” workout session…as well as a total body transformation with the metabolic effect of the combination of movements.  It’s just like an hour television show without commercial breaks…the 30 minute efficient total body workout for the ideal metabolic effect.

Commit to get fit, get lean and look your best in 2016 in less time by implementing two to three 30 minute “Total Body Workout” sessions in your weekly fitness routine and fire up your metabolism!  Next time we will talk about clean eating and sugar detox as you can’t out exercise a bad diet if you want to transform your body and your mind!

You can become a fat burning machine in 2016… and it doesn’t take a lot of your time or money! We have the solution for you at Fitness Forward Studio!

Are you looking to get more out of your workouts but don’t have an hour to give up each day? Have you always wanted to work with a personal trainer but found the price too steep?

Then we have you covered!

Try our small group 30 minute personal training…all the benefits of having your very own personal training session but shared with one or two other workout partners.

The best part? We’ll get you in and out in 30 minutes with the same results of hour long training. Truth!

Some of the benefits include:
• Each workout is designed based on your needs, goals and energy level.

• Stay committed and motivated to exercise with your new workout partners and scheduled appointment each week.

• You’ll save a lot of time and money. Maximize your time with high intensity, result-driven 30-minute sessions. Save even more money when you book 8 or 12 sessions per month!

• Contact us for a consultation to get started. Let us know what your needs, goals and interests are as well as best time of day and days per week you would like to meet with your personal trainer. Whatever your needs are, Fitness Forward has you covered.

Let’s get you started today with our new client personal training special …5-30 minute personal training sessions for $197! Or maybe the perfect gift idea for a friend or family member!
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In good health,

Coach Debbie Potts


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