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Are you ready to join the New Year’s Fasting Challenge with Kion Coaches? It is only five days and a perfect way to get a jumpstart on transforming the WHOLE you this year. It is easier than you think…as it is not a water only fast (unless you want to!).

Did you jump into your local lake or ocean for a New Year’s polar bear plunge?

I thought about doing our local Polar Bear Resolution 5k trip and dip but it was stormy outside- instead I am working on cleaning out the “old” in my house and bringing in new organization for the New Year! My environmental detox! Clutter is a stressor to me and I am starting a new journey in 2020 with a new business as I follow my passion on health building coaching for others as myself…but doing a five day fast is another way I like to start the year.

Fortunately, our Kion Coaching group is running a free five day fasting challenge to help offer support and guidance for kicking off the New Year!

What is the best way to fast? What can you eat or not eat? When do you eat?

If you are new to fasting, or even experienced, we still need to prepare for a five day fast by making gradual lifestyle and eating habit changes now…
“prep phase”. Or else we may set ourselves up for failure in our fasting challenge – or have a bad experience.

Sign up for the five day fast on

Next start making these easy adjustments…

  1. Start by restricting your feeding window this weekend
  2. Eat all you food in a window of 8-12 hours then fast the rest of the time 12-16 hours…whatever feels more comfortable for you!
  3. Stop eating 2-3 hours before bed
  4. You r body will start to tap into fat reserves for energy- ketones can be used to fuel the body including the brain and heart.
  5. Start getting into a state of mild autophagy
  6. You will begin to feel an increase in energy levels as your body switches to fat burning mode.
  7. Start hydrating with filtered water and electrolytes to retain the water- sea salt!
  8. Eat enough in your time restricted eating window but focus on eating real nutrient dense foods as clean organic leafy non-starchy vegetables, grass-fed meats and healthy natural fats.
  9. You can easily work into intermittent fasting by stopping eating three hours before bed and then way to “break” your fast the next day by moving your “break-fast” to later mid-morning when you start to feel hungry.
  10. Drink filtered salted water!

Make sure you follow LOWCARBATHLETE and Kion on Instagram then tag all us in all of your posts and stories with @lowcarbathlete, @Kion and #kionfast to share your fasting experience with us.

Remember, the Kion Fasting Challenge starts on Monday the 6th! Or contact me for a consultation for individual health building coaching programs or services.

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