2021 Fasting Challenge begins January 10th 2022

Are you ready to get a jumpstart on 2022 and say goodbye to 2021?

What is one of the best ways to press the “RESET” and “REBOOT” button?

Are you ready to do some housekeeping?

I love to do a “reset and reboot” protocol every quarter to clean up the gut, liver and digestive system plus a time to do a digital detox and lifestyle course correction!

In my podcast over the past year, we have discussed the different types of fasting as well as fasting benefits and stressors.

  1. Benefits of Fasting 
  2. Review different kinds of fasting
  3. Fasting for athletes
  4. Fasting for women
  5. Fasting for female stressed athletes!
  6. What we are doing for our “fast”
  7. What “breaking a fast” actually means
  8. The three most common fasting methods and their guidelines
  9. How does coffee, tea, healthy fats, sweeteners, supplements, and other common foods affect fasting
  10. How to prepare for a fast
  11. How to break a fast
  12. Tips for making fasting easier


At Kion, we believe in bio-individuality: that each person’s health needs are unique. The perfect diet, fitness plan, or fasting practice simply doesn’t exist because we all have different genetics, activity levels, health conditions, and more. 

In his article on fasting and women, Mark Sisson sums up this dichotomy quite nicely:

“As it stands right now, I’d be inclined to agree that pre-menopausal (and perhaps peri-menopausal) women are more likely to have poor—or at least different—experiences with intermittent fasting (at least as a weight loss tool). That said, it appears to be a potentially gender-neutral therapeutic tool for chemotherapy, cancer, and age-related neurodegeneration patients.”

While the science is limited, from these studies we can at least start to make an argument that women have a different (sometimes more negative) response to fasting than men.

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So… why do we approve on the Kion products while we do a FMD for five days? 

Learn more about fasting research below.

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  2. https://getkion.com/blogs/all/fasting-for-women-2
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  7. https://getkion.com/blogs/all/what-breaks-a-fast

Bone Broth Benefits as per Boundless Immune Chapter pg.361

What are my top 5 Kion products that can aid in performance, recovery and metabolic health?

My Kion recommendations for my coaching clients include:

  • Kion Essential Aminos
  • Kion Clean Whey Protein
  • Kion Essential Omega
  • Kion Creatine
  • Kion Lean

Do you want to learn WHY Kion products are trusted and how we are backed by science?

Clean Protein: https://getkion.com/blogs/all/healthiest-protein-powder

Lean: https://getkion.com/blogs/all/blood-glucose

Creatine: https://getkion.com/blogs/all/what-is-creatine

Aminos: https://getkion.com/blogs/all/eaas-vs-bcaas

Omega: https://getkion.com/blogs/all/fish-oil-omega-3-benefits

Bonafide Provisions Bone Broth Benefits: we will be sipping on gut healing bone broth during our eating window each day.  One of my favorites trusted bone broth companies is BONAFIDE PROVISIONS here near me in Encinitis, CA.

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What are the benefits of BONE BROTH?

IMMUNITY:  The collagen and amino acids in bone broth help strengthen and repair our gut lining, which is home to over 70% of our immune system.

JOINT HEALTH:  Gelatin and collagen help strengthen the skeletal system, rebuild connective tissue, ease joint pain, and reduce inflammation.

SKIN, HAIR & NAILS:  Collagen provides the building blocks for healthy skin, hair, and nails

BRAIN FUNCTION:  Research calls our gut our “second brain.” When you support your gut, you directly affect how you think and feel.

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Get ready for The WHOLESTIC Method Jumpstart Program to RESET and REBOOT

January 10 to January 16th, 2022 with our help from Kion!

A new year, a new start should include a type of FASTING CHALLENGE with The WHOLESTIC Method eight elements and Kion supplements to enhance the experience!

You can register NOW and COMMIT by signing up here -and registration is open through January 8th if you can recruit your friends and family to join in this health building program.

Fasting has a wide range of health benefits, such as:

  • Gut Health
  • Brain Health
  • Appetite Regulation
  • Longevity and Disease Prevention

We will be doing a RESET for our nutrition, exercise, sleep, stress management, movement/mobility, digestion, cellular health and attitude in our five days – or 30-days together!

What will we eat?  

Don’t focus on what we can’t eat, but rather what we are eating!  We want to eat one nutrient rich meal and then consume more nutritious gut healing foods and liver supporting nutrients in our eating window.

What will we do for EXERCISE?

We will review how to do short low-intensity (low heart rate, MAF) daily exercise, moving throughout the day, lifting weights/strength, core workout, yin yoga and more during the program.  Less is more.

What do we do to improve our SLEEP?

How do we manage our STRESS?

How do we increase MOVEMENT throughout the day?

What do we do to improve our digestion and gut health?

How do we improve our health at a cellular level?

What do we do each day to improve our mindset to create a positive attitude, positive vibes and positive energy?

The WHOLESTIC Method Coach,

Debbie Potts

Click here to register

A five day IF Fasting program can be a total mind, body, and spirit reset. 

I wanted to share this video above of Kion co-founder Ben Greenfield answering your biggest questions about fasting.

Check out the video to learn about:

👉What does (and doesn’t) break a fast

👉Balancing fasting with intense exercise

👉Modifying fasting for specific health conditions

👉Avoiding hunger and maintaining energy levels during extended fasting


What is the best way to fast? What can you eat or not eat? When do you eat?

If you are new to fasting, or even experienced, we still need to prepare for a five day fast by making gradual lifestyle and eating habit changes now…
“prep phase”. Or else we may set ourselves up for failure in our fasting challenge – or have a bad experience.

Sign up for the five day JUMPSTART program here

Next start making these easy adjustments…

  1. Start by restricting your feeding window this weekend
  2. Eat all you food in a window of 8-12 hours then fast the rest of the time 12-16 hours…whatever feels more comfortable for you!
  3. Stop eating 3 hours before bed
  4. Your body will start to tap into fat reserves for energy- ketones can be used to fuel the body including the brain and heart.
  5. Start getting into a state of mild autophagy
  6. You will begin to feel an increase in energy levels as your body switches to fat burning mode.
  7. Start hydrating with filtered water and electrolytes to retain the water- sea salt!
  8. Eat enough in your time restricted eating window but focus on eating real nutrient dense foods as clean organic leafy non-starchy vegetables, grass-fed meats and healthy natural fats.
  9. You can easily work into intermittent fasting by stopping eating three hours before bed and then way to “break” your fast the next day by moving your “break-fast” to later mid-morning when you start to feel hungry.
  10. Drink filtered salted water!

Make sure you follow LOWCARBATHLETE and Kion on Instagram then tag all us in all of your posts and stories with @lowcarbathlete, @Kion and #kionfast to share your fasting experience with us.

Remember to sign up now for my January 5-day or 30-day group online program to get a jumpstart on your fat loss, health and performance gains here.