As I become an FDN Practitioner, my goal is to implement my new skills into coaching The WHOLE Athlete to improve performance and longevity while avoiding METABOLIC CHAOS!

What is an FDN Practitioner do for you?

The WHOLESTIC Method coaching program using the FDN Practitioner skills along with Nutritional Therapy, Kion Coaching and DNAFit training- I am creating a unique approach to rebuilding and healing the WHOLE athlete from the inside out.  If you want to restore the WHOLE you to improve performance, vitality and longevity then you may want to learn more.

Be ready to commit to a new health, rebuilding and healing journey if you want coaching or else come back to me when you are motivated to transform the WHOLE you from the inside out and solve the METABOLIC CHAOS puzzle.

We don’t need to find the “root cause” of WHY you feel tired, fat and depressed.  Your symptoms can be far removed from the contributors to METABOLIC CHAOS- upstream and downstream.

The coaching program is 90-days or longer- until you feel back to your “normal”, feeling alive and thriving in life again!

Three steps to healing and rebuilding The WHOLE Athlete from METABOLIC CHAOS:

  1. We address the underlying conditions and contributors to METABOLIC CHAOS with our FDN investigation using carefully selected functional labs tests, detailed history and assessment of the WHOLE you.
  2. As we collect enough data or clues for our individualized investigation into your METABOLIC CHAOS case so we then can create a customized DRESS for Health Success program using our lab guided and WHOLESTIC behavior protocols.
  3. Next, we run your customized coaching program until you feel recalibrated, healed and thriving each day.  We adjust our course as needed to continue down the right healing and rebuilding road to success as we “coach up” function and “coach down” contributors to METABOLIC CHAOS.
Along our journey together, vital voids may be revealed and casual factors may become resolved as we unravel your METABOLIC CHAOS investigation.
Contact Debbie Potts for more information on how to train The WHOLE Athlete to become fat adapted, optimize mitochondria function and improve performance with her group and individualized coaching programs.





How to train the WHOLE athlete to avoid burnout and breakdown…

Chronic Stress Cascade… Distress


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