My mission and purpose is now to focus on educating “The WHOLE Athlete” to avoid burnout or breakdown in life and sports.

Why?  I think so many athletes are NOT training to be fit and healthy but rather most athletes are fit but feel over fat and unhealthy on the inside.

  • Is your training program and living life as a race destroying your health from the inside out and speeding up the aging process?
  • Do you feel fat, fatigued and frazzled no matter what you do?

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Learn how to Reset, Reboot and Recalibrate The WHOLE Athlete with The WHOLESTIC Method Program for groups or individual coaching to get to solve the METABOLIC CHAOS with some deeper investigation work.

There is more to training for performance and longevity than how you train!  Learn how to improve the WHOLE you from the inside out for peak performance gains and longevity. Life is Not a Race. It is a Journey. Enjoy the process. Make the journey a more sustainable and realistic training schedule so you age gracefully.

My focus as I close my fitness studio after 12 years and being a personal trainer for over 25 years is to train the WHOLE athlete with the program I created over five years ago and merge it into my “sugar detox” (now fat adapted program) that started to evolve 12 years ago.  Learn all about my background, history, experiences and transformation in my book, manual, blog and podcast.

Train the WHOLE Athlete from the inside out with The WHOLESTIC Method to become fat adapted, optimize mitochondria function and improve performance.

Are you on your way to become broken and broken from the inside out? 

Do you struggle with fatigue, poor recovery and weight gain?

Is your battery not recharging each day?  

The struggle is real.

You may need to just… Reboot-Recalibrate-Reset the WHOLE you from the inside out to improve performance

Learn how to prevent becoming the burned out and broken athlete.

Learn from Debbie’s experience living life as a race for too many years!   Her focus, passion, purpose and mission is to help other athletes improve their performance and longevity with The WHOLESTIC Method Program.

The WHOLESTIC Method Program is available online for groups and individual coaching for working on solving the METABOLIC CHAOS puzzle!

Transform the WHOLE you from the inside out to become fat adapted, optimize health and improve performance in life and sports.

I don’t want you to break down and go through what I had happen to me from living life as a race instead of a journey.  The solutions are individual as there is not a one size fits all approach to reducing external and internal stressors.  We are all unique and need individualized attention, including lab tests, to put your personalized puzzle back together to optimize your health and performance from a cellular level.

Stop chasing lab results and treating with supplements… there is a lot more to healing, rebuilding and repairing the WHOLE you from the inside out than only supplements.  There are only part of the solution… as a FDN practitioner, we don’t treat anything specific but we treat everything.

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Real Thoughts with Debbie Potts: Transformational process to be a fat adapted athlete.

How Chronic Stress IMPACTS The Whole You!

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