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Are you on a mission to revive your energy levels?  Regain your vitality?  Reclaim your body back?

Stop blaming the aging process and think how you are right now is your new “normal”!

CHRONIC Stress impacts the WHOLE you…external and internal stressors accumulate and overfill your beaker of stress!

Some stress is good stress …but too much of anything can lead to a domino effect of breakdowns and burnout!

Life is not a Race… It is a Journey with ‘The WHOLSTIC Method’.

So, what do you do to get your body, health and vitality back?

Too much stress can contribute or lead to “METABOLIC CHAOS”

Do you relate to my experiences and daily frustrations…?

  1. I woke up each day feeling depressed when I looked in the mirror – I didn’t know who I was looking at in the mirror.  I felt that I lost myself – my identify as a top performing competitive fit athlete and now looking like an unmotivated slug and couch potato.
  2. I felt confused at what to do to find my fit strong body again and lose the excess fat weight – as I was not getting results with changing my nutrition and exercise.
  3. Frequently I had emotional breakdowns out of frustrations of not getting result- and feeling lost, helpless and struggling alone on what to do even though I was motivated, driven and eager for results now… I was desperate to regain my confidence, my happy self, my lean fit body, strength, fitness and health back.
  4. I felt insecure and embarrassed each day about my body – resulting in low self-esteem, poor confidence and depression.
  5. I felt alone …I went to multiple doctors, naturopaths, functional medicine specialists and online health coaches but I believed no one could help me.  I placed blame on all of the doctors as most all treated my lab results and not the individual person.  I was given many supplements, but they didn’t look at the WHOLE picture and put the missing pieces of the puzzle together. 
  6. I just wanted my body back so I could race again that year – I had pre-registered for a few races and I had goals to accomplish but my weight gain, energy and other health issues were in the way or an obstacle blocking my ability to achieve my set goals.
  7. I felt that I was hitting a wall every time I went to see a new practitioner to give me a different opinion and solution.  I would soon be looking for more answers online for the next solution.  I was on a mission to be feel, look and act as myself again. 
  8. I was exhausted in trying everything and not getting results -but now know I was stuck in the “cycle of trial and error” … trying one method, program or protocol out then moved to the next one too quickly as I was impatient.  I now know I really didn’t try anything long enough to see any results as protocols take 3-6 months or longer the more damaged, we created inside of us.

I was excepting results by following a supplement protocol, but I didn’t realize until years later that I was missing the self-care ownership responsibility and commitment to change my lifestyle habits.  you can’t out supplement a lifestyle filled with sources of chronic stress! 

We must change the habits along with a specific individual healing protocol and supplement program.  When I was struggling my most, I would feel so depressed at my body and felt that I would just gain weight without doing anything different.  I was eating healthy and avoiding inflammatory foods… I was fasting and I was exercising!  What was I doing wrong that would cause me to keep gaining weight? 

Do you feel overwhelmed each day?

Now my purpose is to help people as myself – who share a similar story but a unique story to their life.  I work as a health detective to collect clues and investigate your missing pieces to your mystery of unexplained weight gain, fatigue and depression.  You are not alone! 

Everyone is an individual so there is not a “one size fits all approach” to getting your body and vibrant healthy life back instantly.  I work with each client on an individual basis starting with reviewing their nutritional therapy and “METABOLIC CHAOS” intake forms, food log with digestive symptoms and exercise program assessment.  Then we go week by week to create a plan and begin creating a new  transformational program until we solve your unexplained mysteries – and correct our course as we continue on our journey as your body will tell us if we are on the right track to restore the WHOLE you back to optimal health and vitality!

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How Chronic Stress IMPACTS The Whole You!

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