The Low Carb Athlete Podcast with guest Brock Armstrong!

Get a sneak peak on our new podcast recording together.  Brock helped me co-host the old FIT FAT FAST podcast after host Jon Smith retired almost ten years ago.  Since then, Brock has continued to transform himself and follow his purpose!  Brock and I first connect via Ben Greenfield’s Superhuman Coach program over ten years ago and then meet up at Ironman Hawaii as well as Vancouver Marathon and more events in the Northwest over the years.

The ‘Low Carb Athlete’ Podcast with Brock Armstrong.

 In this episode, Brock and Debbie reconnect and catch up on topics as …

  1. How has your coaching changed in the (nearly) 10 years that we have known each other?
  2. Why did you choose to study cognitive behavior instead of nutrition or physiology?
  3. What is your secret weapon for helping people achieve their goals?

What is Brock’s WHY?

After spending years giving people exercise and meal plans, I have realized that I was part of the problem. I was perpetuating what I now call the dieter’s mindset. So, to remedy that, I completed my training as a Cognitive Behavior Therapy practitioner and instead of forcing people to adhere to a program (that they either follow or don’t) I am helping them reset their relationship with movement and exercise.

Brock has a new podcast called “Second Wind Fitness” that you can listen to on your favorite podcast app now!

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Thank you for listening and sharing our journey as we are both on a mission to help you live your best life and be your best self each and every day! 

Are you on a mission to THRIVE each day as myself?

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