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We start our day making coffee- my job in our house. I wake up by boiling the water then grind the fresh organic Kion Coffee beans then add to the French Press. Gradually add the hot water 1/4 way and let sit for 30 seconds- then add the rest of the hot water and let brew for four minutes. I add a splash of organic heavy cream, cinnamon, Dr. Axe Ancient Nutrition Collagen and sometimes MCT Oil.

Since we are all stuck at home for a few more weeks and practicing social distancing (even though I strongly believe that small businesses need to be re-opened now with restrictions!), we are drinking coffee at home, eating more meals at home and working on our gut health to improve our immune system while at home (hopefully!).

My favorite clean Kion Coffee always has been and still is:

  • USDA Certified Organic
  • The highest quality, specialty-grade coffee available
  • Sourced from farms that meet the highest ethical and sustainable farming practices
  • Roasted to perfection for maximum flavor and health
  • Tested to ensure it’s free from pesticides, yeast, mold, and mycotoxins
  • Packaged in a nitrogen-flushed bag to maintain freshness
  • Click here to learn more

Here are a few of my favorite products that we use at the Potts house.

We then start our morning power vinyasa yoga session with my new favorite online Yoga channel Travis Eliot then we go for our morning walk, run or bike ride depending on the day.

Next, I make time for the Sunlighten Infrared Session for a detox sweat… maybe bounce on my rebounder before the session for 3-5 minutes.

What are you doing to improve your immune system each day?

I love my date with “FRED” = Infrared Sauna Treatment session! Click here to learn the benefits of near, mid and far infrared.

Next, I go to “work” in my home office once showered and dressed for the day. Around mid-morning (or sometimes in the afternoon), I make my special drink with Athletic Greens, Kion Aminos, MegaPre and MegaMucosa…together or sometimes separate. Some days I do add my mitochondria support as D’Ribose, L’carnitine and carn

Each day I also take my Mighty Maca for boosting my hormones back into balance as they are LOW according to my DUTCH Complete lab test.

What supplements do I take to boost my immune system?

I am currently following a gut repair and rebuilding protocol based on my functional labs I ran this past few months – now I have a specific plan to eliminate pathogens and bacteria overgrowth then move to the rebuilding phase using Bio-Botanicals Research products and Microbiome Labs products.

My next phase I am starting for my health rebuilding protocol is my microbiome repair using the supplements from Microbiome Labs as my BiomeFX test results were another “area of opportunity” as I didn’t have many important keystone strains detected in my lab test. Click here to learn more.

We go for walks at lunchtime then eat our main meal around 1pm or 2pm then return to work for the second half of the day. I am a big fan of spending more time outside in the fresh air and sunlight. For our main meal, we have been ordering two times a month from BUTCHER BOX and eating steaks or grassfed burgers. I love to add onions and garlic onto my food plus grass fed butter and Primal Kitchen avocado oil mayo.

Gut health = Immune Health

In the afternoon, I drink my water with REAL SALT and sip on herbal tea. Right now I am trying to drink more green tea and Tumeric tea for inflammation/health benefits. I do love the products from FURTHER FOOD (click here for 10% off coupon) as there tea powder includes stress adaptagens and we all need some support for our HPA Axis!

We have been trying to do a 30-minute yin yoga on YouTube in the evening with Travis Eliot then sip on our Bonafide Provisions bone broth (add Truffle Sea Salt!). Click here to order and save on Bonafide Bone Broth Provisions and stock up your freezer so you can sip on a cup of gut healing broth daily!

In the evening, we have our “sleep hygiene” routine set. I actually spray lavender essential oils on the pillows and turn on the fan to keep our room cool. Then we write three things or more that we are grateful for that day plus I set my intentions for the following day! Then I read in bed… at least three pages in one of my books that I am catching up on (my book shelf is packed with books I still need to read!). Currently, I am reading the HORMONE FIX.

Click here to head to Ra-Optics and use LOWCARBATHLETE for a discount!

If we watch a movie or catch up on the “positive” news on BBC (I avoid national news) of the day before bed time and around sunset- I make sure to wear my blue blocker glasses. Do you have a pair of blue blockers yet? If not, then check out Ra-Optics and use my code LOWCARBATHLETE for a discount! I love their story and the brilliant, young founder is an inspiration to many! Click here to learn – use code Lowcarbathlete

Are you using essential oils before bed time? We also re-started using our healing oils to relax and unwind on stressful days using Vibrant Blue energy oils as the Parasympathic, Adrenals and Liver support ones.

Improve your PNS and sleep with Essential Oils here

That is all for this post… I have been sharing my other supplements and meals on my LOW CARB ATHLETE social media pages including MitoQ and Tru Niagen for mitochondrial health as we all have too much oxidative stress!

MitoQ® 5mg

Our original, breakthrough formula is specifically designed to support healthy energy levels, organ function, mental focus and overall well-being. MitoQ 5mg delivers targeted CoQ10 antioxidant support to your mitochondria – the power plants of your cells – to help your organs perform at their best.

Once inside the mitochondria, MitoQ assists in keeping free radicals under control, supporting our natural ability to combat the harmful damage they can cause to our bodies. Our breakthrough cellular science allows MitoQ to be absorbed into your mitochondria hundreds of times more effectively than regular CoQ10 supplements.

MitoQ 5mg optimizes energy production, supporting overall cellular and human health for added resilience and vitality.

We suggest you try MitoQ 5mg for a minimum of 3 months to give the product time to make a meaningful difference.

Recommended for: New users of MitoQ, younger people looking for the benefits of MitoQ, anyone looking to support healthy aging or those looking to add MitoQ by itself to their existing regimen.

My other top supplement to take daily… Tru Niagen.

Scientists have known about the vital role of NAD since 1906. Since then, they’ve learned NAD is found in every living cell, and that it powers the mitochondria, which keeps almost every tissue in the body healthy. In 2004, a landmark study by Dr. Charles Brenner uncovered a unique form of vitamin B3 that could safely and efficiently raise NAD levels. Now with Dr. Brenner as our Chief Scientific Advisor of ChromaDex, we’re bringing NIAGEN® to everyone.

Tru Niagen

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