Fit Fat FastIn this first episode of our new “Athlete Spotlight” series, we feature Brad Odom of Statesboro, Georgia. Brad has made some epic life-changes in the last few years and in the process has conquered many distances in running and triathlon. Now he has his sights set on Ironman Chattanooga on September 28 – his first 140.6 event. Brad has come a long way in the last four years: from a 248 pound ‘thick’ guy to a lean, fast, nutritionally sensible fat-adapted triathlete. All of this while balancing being a husband, a dad, and owning two businesses.     In this episode, we cover: Training Balancing family, work, and being an age-group athlete Nutrition Coaching Brad’s advice on training for IM Chattanooga Check out Brad on Facebook, and  visit his triathlon specialty store’s website Swim Bike Run Statesboro, in Statesboro, Georgia. We’ll be following Brad on his journey to become an Ironman, and look forward to checking in with him later this fall. Go Brad!

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