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Tips to Improve your Body Composition!

In this episode Coach Debbie Potts dives into more reserach on improving body composition by focusing improving your metabolism and metabolic health.

·       You have undoubtedly heard of the term metabolism.

·       Although most people don’t know what it means, it is often the culprit for failed weight loss attempts or general inability to achieve a fitness goal.

·       This episode  explains what metabolism is, why it’s important to maintain it at high levels, and what can cause it to decline.  

 What is metabolism?

·       Metabolism includes all biological processes that convert fuel from nutrients like fats and carbohydrates into the energy our body needs to survive.

·       This energy is what we refer to as calories.

·       In simple terms, it’s the process through which we burn calories.

·       It is the most vital biological process since it provides a constant supply of the energy needed to power your body movements and all functions keeping you alive such as breathing, blood circulation, cell growth, muscle reparation, etc.

·       Metabolism differs significantly from one person to another because of age, genetics, exercise habits, nutrition preferences, medication, etc. 

 Why it’s important to have a high metabolism. 

·       A high metabolism means your body burns more calories than the average person with the same age, weight, height, and gender.

·       Conversely, having a slow metabolism means you are burning fewer calories than the norm.

·       Since weight loss requires a caloric deficit, the state when you eat fewer calories than you burn, having a high metabolism is the most powerful protection against obesity.



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