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Debbie Potts Coaching: The WHOLESTIC Method

Transforming lives with “The WHOLESTIC Method” program -while blending Kion Coaching, CHEK Holistic Lifestyle Coaching, DNAFit, Nutritional Therapy Practitioner and Functional Diagnostic Nutrition Practitioner methods into one 3-month or longer health building program.

I am confident that my health rebuilding coaching program can help you reach your fat loss, health and performance goals.  Of course, there are no guarantees, as we do not control outcomes, but we can start your health building journey with very reasonably expectations that you will see and experience noticeable improvements and hopefully resolve your main health concerns as…

Have you “Tried everything” but are still struggle with:

  • Can’t Lose/Gain Weight?
  • High Cholesterol?
  • Muscle Pain?
  • Joint Pain?
  • Low Energy?
  • Foggy Thinking?
  • Sleep Issues?
  • Poor Libido?
  • Depressed Moods?
  • High Blood Pressure?
  • Digestive Problems?
  • Blood Sugar Problems?
  • Family with Cancer & Diabetes?
  • Skin & Hair Problems?
  • Migraines and Headaches?
  • Sinuses and Allergies?

The struggle is REAL, but it is now the best time to STOP chasing your symptoms and get started on a new journey to begin addressing your individual underlying causes!

As a Certified FDN Practitioner and a Nutritional Therapy Practitioner, I will provide you with a nutritional and functional assessment of the most common culprits to your imbalances.  After we chat about your goals, needs and concerns in a complimentary consultation, and I share with you the health coaching investigative process, then we can decide if we are a good fit – a good team.  If we decide to work together for the  6-month or longer health coaching program, you will gain the tools how to correct malfunctions of the hidden stressors and improve your ability to …

Optimize, transform and improve:


My online fat loss and health building coaching program helps individuals learn how to eat a whole food, nutrient dense diet

Often clients come to be frustrated because the are struggling to lose fat weight and regain their health with other nutrition weight loss programs.

As I have said for years… “you can’t out exercise a bad diet” and “every stress response creates a blood sugar response”

So, if are goal is to become fat adapted (burn fat as primary fuel) and improve metabolic flexibility, then we need to work on transforming the WHOLE individual with the eight elements of what I call

“The WHOLESTIC Method”

  1. Nutrition
  2. Exercise
  3. Sleep
  4. Stress
  5. Movement & Mobility
  6. Digestion & Gut health
  7. Hydration
  8. Happiness, Play & Laughter

Altering the nutrition and exercise habits by themselves do not work for everyone.  We are unique bio-individuals with different genetic make-up, gut biome, lifestyle habits, external stressors and hidden internal stressors.

So, there is NOT once size fits all approach to speeding up fat loss, optimizing health at a cellular level, achieving peak performance gains and improving performing in daily life.

Diet and exercise changes alone cannot fix:

  1. Hormone imbalances
  2. Poor gut health
  3. Nutritional weaknesses
  4. Poor detoxification
  5. Parasite infections

As an FDN Practitioner, we work as health detectives and investigate the WHOLE you inside and out – and collect clues to your individual case to solve your health imbalance puzzle.  We are trained to understand the H.I.D.D.E.N. internal stressors that are contributing to what we term “METABOLIC CHAOS”- the imbalances between our body systems and the cascade of events that occur when we have any “chronic” issues.

In my individual online health coaching rebuilding and transformation program,you hopefully will feel better, move better and look better after our 3-month or longer individual protocol to restore your health and vitality!

The medical model in our health care industry focused on diagnosing your “problems”, treat disease, and manage symptoms with pharmaceutical drugs and surgery.

As an FDN practitioner and a Nutritional Therapy Practitioner, we take a different approach to guiding clients to rebuild and restore their WHOLE health on the inside and out.   We don’t take the medical approach, but we work as a health detective.  I am not a doctor, or a naturopath, but I work as a health coach to guide and provide the tools need for my clients to restore their balance (homeostasis) and vitality as we return the body back to optimal health.  We work on treating the WHOLE body in a NON-specific manner, remove interferences or roadblocks to healing and rebuild the body from a cellular level.

FDN practitioners treat every cell, tissue, organ and body system unspecifically in order to rebuild the body just as your car!  Just as a car may look good on the outside- shining and clean …but what does it look like under the hood?

How does the engine run?  It is never one thing that is “broken” – and if one “thing” is out of balance or alignment then everything else gets worn down, out of balance and becomes dysfunctional!  Right?

Are you fit and healthy… or could you be fit, fat and unhealthy from the inside out? 

The founder of Functional Diagnostic Nutrition (FDN) Practitioner certification course terms the domino effect of our internals dysfunctions or imbalances “METABOLIC CHAOS”.

“METABOLIC CHAOS® is a state health that exists because of complexities in one’s metabolism and underestimated influences from the environment, so, correlation between the symptoms and the cause is unpredictable.  One clue of METABOLIC CHAOS® is when intervention, based on traditionally reliable cluster of symptoms, produces only a marginal therapeutic response.  METABOLIC CHAOS® is responsible for symptoms that would otherwise ascribe to other causes.  Contributors to METABOLIC CHAOS® can be inborn, but that can also come from hidden stressors in the world today.”

As a health coach, NTP and an FDN Practitioner, I work as a health detective using well-chosen functional labs to uncover individual clues to help solve client’s mysterious health concerns, issues or roadblocks to restoring their health and vitality.   We help get clients out of the “cycle of trial and error” and put them on a road to healing, rebuilding and transformation with the right tools for their unique bio-individual self.

Here are a few of the hidden causes of METABOLIC CHAOS® that will be assessed in our individual investigation:

  • HPA Axis-related dysfunction
  • Circadian rhythm disruptions
  • Poor nutrient breakdown and absorption
  • Pro-oxidant/antioxidant imbalances
  • Dysbiosis and gut malfunction
  • Systemic inflammation
  • Immunodeficiency
  • Detoxification problems

The health detective process will help you identify and correct the underlying causes and conditions that contribute to your main health complaints.

Remember- we do NOT diagnose or treat any disease, as well as we do NOT practice medicine.  Instead, our program is an “Opt-in Self-Care Model” versus the common “Disease Care Model” in modern medicine.

No one can make you choose which foods to eat or not eat… no one can make you go to bed at a certain time to unwinds…no one can force you outside to exercise… no one can make you react differently in a stressful situation or towards a toxic person that triggers a stress response.

ONLY YOU can make the choice to take care of the WHOLE you from the inside out with “The WHOLESTIC Method” …and of course Coach Debbie Potts to guide, educate and support you along the journey!


Are you curious why some people have more success following a Keto diet or intermittent fasting …or carnivore or vegetarian than others?

Why do some people struggle to lose fat weight or to reduce symptoms?

The struggle is REAL, and you are NOT alone!

I have been there- in fact I wrote my personal story in a book to share with the world “LIFE IS NOT A RACE… IT IS A JOURNEY with The WHOLESTIC Method” (available on AMAZON!).

“Helping people who just can’t seem to get better is what separates the good health practitioners and coaches from the great ones – that’s the Functional Diagnostic Nutrition® difference. FDN’s are true health detectives that focus on identifying the underlying cause of Metabolic Chaos® and correcting it. We utilize functional lab tests to help identify which systems of the body are failing, leading to Metabolic Chaos@ and imbalance. Then we use the lab data and assessments to drive more specific holistic lifestyle changes and recommendations geared towards establishing homeostasis (balance) in the body. The FDN Certification Course focuses on functional lab tests (blood, saliva, urine, hair and stool testing); how to interpret the results and lab-guided natural protocols that will fix the problem, build health and ultimately stop the cycle of Metabolic Chaos®.”- FDN Practitioner Program


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