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The author of Your Genius Body, Dr. Andrew Rostenberg, joins the podcast in this episode. He is a chiropractor, kinesiologist, functional medicine expert, methylation researcher, and director of Red Mountain Natural Medicine in Boise, ID.

Dr. Rostenberg has developed cutting-edge protocols using methylation pathways designed to optimize biochemistry, detoxification, digestion, brain function and more.  Due to the popularity of his BeyondMTHFR YouTube channel and website, he has attracted patients from all over the world who seek to optimize their genes and change their lives.

We hear about the importance of genetics when it comes to training and the concerns of processed supplements. Dr. Rostenberg describes how we can set ourselves up for success and provides scientific explanations.

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What is genetics and epigenetics? genetics is the study of the gene sequence we inherit from our parents. Green eyes, brown hair, tall or short, etc. These genes are set in place at the moment of conception. If anything about us is predetermined, then the genetics are what is responsible. The EPIGENE or epigenetics literally means “above the gene” which are the environmental signals that tell the body which gene to turn on and off. In other words, the genetics is the dictionary and the epigenetics is which words the body decides to read. We cannot change what is in the dictionary, but through epigenetics (diet, nutrition, lifestyle, exercise, etc.) we can change the words the body likes to read. We can alter the story of our life from one of inflammation, pain, poor recovery, fatigue, lack of sleep…to one of energy, enhanced performance, reduced injuries, less inflammation, healthy lean tissue, etc.

What are SNPs? SNPs stand for “single nucleotide polymorphisms” which mean a single codon or base pair in the DNA is switched out. This isn’t a “mutation” or a lack of a gene, its a tiny change in the DNA that has an impact on the speed of enzymes. So when doctors like myself look at SNPs we are trying to understand if a person has a faster or slower than normal enzyme.

What is methylation? Methylation is a cellular process that occurs roughly 1 billion times per second inside our cells. It basically has to do with how our body moves around carbon atoms (methyl groups are one carbon with 3 hydrogen thus the name methylation). We need these methyl groups to control which genes get turned on and off, but it also has a huge influence control which genes get turned on and off, but it also has a huge influence on how well we detoxify, repair, deal with stress, as well as our risk for cancer, heart disease and stroke.

What is MTHRF? This is the abbreviation for the most important methylation gene in the body – methyltetrahydrofolatereductase. MTHFR is a key enzyme that controls how fast we activate the vitamin B9, and in turn how fast we can provide those all-important carbon atoms to ensure proper function of our cells and DNA. Many people are born with a slower-thannormal MTHFR gene which makes them susceptible to illness and dysfunction at a higher rate. Issues like cancer, heart disease, stroke and even autism occur at much higher rates in individuals with this MTHFR gene. The good news is that since this gene is related to vitamin B9 activation, if an individual eats a diet high in leafy greens and supplements with activated B9 (called methylfolate) they can neutralize the MTHFR problem all together.

What is genotype? Genotype is the entire set of DNA you inherit from your parents – 50% from mom and 50% from dad.

Phenotype? It is the set of observable characteristics of an individual that result from the interaction of its genotype with the environment. In other words, if the genotype is the deck of cards, then the phenotype is how well your body can play the card game on your behalf. A phenotype is an expression of the genes, not the genes themselves.

Halotype? Although the genotype refers to all of the genes you inherited, and the phenotype refers to how we label your symptoms, the haplotype refers to your genes as a group. In other words, your haplotype is a small group of really important genes that have an outsized impact on how your body works.

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