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Cost is $97 for the five days of coaching plus one hour seminar we could do on the Monday then start day one of the detox and fat loss program on the Tuesday! 

Click here to register for the 5-day program.  Then you can decide if you would like to continue with the 30-day fat loss transformation program in November!

  • Get a jumpstart on The WHOLESTIC Method program with Phase One: 5-day Jumpstart Fat Loss Challenge.
  • We will begin to process of becoming fat adapted, regain energy and feel better on the inside out.
  • The program is online so you can attend from anywhere in the world.
  • Our informational seminar is on the Monday so we have time to prepare the kitchen, house and lifestyle to begin the next day. 
  • The seminar is on ZOOM or in person- and we can meet daily as needed (text, email and support meetings) for the 5-days.

Our ZOOM video conference calls will help keep you on track, ask questions, discuss various topics of THE WHOLESTIC METHOD as well as to support and motivate each other. 

1. Fat adaptation process to teach your body to burn fat – not sugar as main fuel source

2. Intermittent Fasting to burn fat, repair and detox

3.  Liver Detox and improve gut health

4.  Reduce sources of stress

5.  Improve energy, clarity and focus

6.  Decrease inflammation and increase healing

7.  Speed up fat loss

The 30-day total transformation fat loss program is broken into three phases to help you become a fat burning machine, optimize health at a cellular level (mitochondria!) and improve performance in daily life (longevity!)  with The WHOLESTIC Method coaching program.  Phase one is the five day detox then we move into Phase two for our 21-day fat adaptative program plus digestive reset and repair… then Phase three is maintenance 80/20 program to teach you how to continue this new lifestyle…and not “diet” then return to your old habits! 

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Click here to sign up or contact me for more information!   You won’t regret it.  Let’s see if we can recruit ten people for our team!

The WHOLESTIC Method Program manual is available on Amazon (Debbie Potts) includes eight elements to transform the WHOLE you from the inside out!

  1. Nutrition
  2. Exercise
  3. Sleep
  4. Stress
  5. Movement and mobility
  6. Digestion and gut health
  7. Hydration
  8. Happiness and gratitude

How Chronic Stress IMPACTS The Whole You!

Jumpstart Your Path to Transformation from the Inside Out to become a chronic stress-resilient, fat burning machine by grabbing this FREE eBook!

How Chronic Stress Impacts The Whole You eBook

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  • Stress and chronic stress, how they can affect you, and how you can build resiliency
  • The eight elements of The WHOLESTIC Method
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  • Training secrets from 25+ years of experience and education in the fitness industry
  • Multiple interviews from experts on The WHOLE Athlete Podcast she hosts.

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We train the WHOLE Athlete with our comprehensive program including exercise, Nutritional Therapy, Metabolic Efficiency, Detox programs, Digestion repair, Nutritional Supplements, Sweat therapy for detoxification and cellular health.

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