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Do you want to burn fat?

Improve fat digestion? 

Enhance your brain health? 

Optimize your mitochondria function? 

I am so excited about this new digestive aid to help enhance our ability to burn fat, optimize our mitochondria and improve performance for daily life- for tomorrow and our future! 
Finally a breakthrough in our digestive supplements combined with energy boosters to enhance the function of our mitochondria, gut and brain health.
From the moment you take your kApex® capsules, the formula goes to work in your body:
1. FIRST, kApex® helps break down the fat you eat into tiny fatty acids.
2. SECOND, kApex® assists in the transport of those fatty acids to your liver and your mitochondria and burn them up at an accelerated rate.
3. THIRD, by enhancing digestion and metabolic/energy function—kApex® helps you SMASH through any fat loss plateaus.
Let’s dive deeper into the science behind these 3 core benefits.

First, is enhanced fat digestion.

The proprietary LIP4TM blend of 4 lipases (the enzymes that break down fats) in kApex® dissolve fats into easily burnable fatty acids. This special blend breaks down the dietary fats you eat in a variety of PH levels.
This was shown to be highly effective based on the research where scientists activated lipase, and increased fat digestion from 15 to 45 percent. [1]
It’s also why the right types and levels of lipase—are a life-saver for people struggling with digestive issues when they eat a high fat diet including meat, fish or other types of fat (including healthy fats).
In a study in which people ate high-fat food, patients who supplemented with lipase enzymes experienced significant reductions in bloating, gas, and fullness compared to those taking a placebo. [2]
It fully unleashes your ability to digest and break down high fat meals—and you’ll notice an immediate lift in your energy after high fat meals the first time you take it. More on this incredible energy in a moment.
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KApex® Also Fixes Your Protein Digestion,Helping You Avoid Bloating And Weight Gain

It’s easy to over consume protein on a Keto diet—and this leads to major challenges, from compromised gut health… insulin spiking… weight gain… and even accelerated aging.

The Tri-Phase Protease Blend in kApex® breaks down the protein you’re eating into absorbable amino acids. Then up to 66% more aminos get transported through the intestinal tract thanks to a special nutrient called Astrazyme®[3]

You can consume 200 grams of protein a day, but if you’re only breaking down 50%… and only half of that goes through the intestinal tract…

… then you’re WASTING 75% of the protein your consuming!

Leveraging this Tri-phase Protease Blend is like transforming every gram of protein you eat into 4 useable grams of protein.

This is how kApex® helps you maximize muscle gains and recovery from your workouts.

The protease has profound anti-aging benefits as well because a protein accumulation in the cells is currently believed to be the number killer of supercentenarians (people that live over 100). [4]

So breaking down your protein into amino acids is a very important thing if you want to live a long healthy life.

KApex® Replenishes Key ElementsYou Lack For Strong Digestion

We included HCL (hydrochloric acid which is stomach acid) in kApex® to assist the lipase and protease in breaking down those essential macronutrients.

Most people’s natural HCL starts dropping in their 30s and creates many digestive issues including heartburn and GERD. If you want good digestion, this must be fixed. [5]

Earlier, you also learned about bile (which is secreted from the liver and gallbladder to emulsify fat). Bile is vital in fat digestion.

That’s why we included dandelion root in order to stimulate your bile flow needed for high-fat meals… so you further maximize the breakdown of fats into usable fatty acids. [6]

I was legitimately shocked at how smooth my digestion and elimination became—after I began taking kApex®.

It is THE answer to Keto digestive problems.

KApex® Gives You Focused EnergyAnd Drive For 6-10 Hours

  • Last but not least, we’ve included a patented ingredient called InnoSlim® to increase this formula’s ability to help burn fatty acids by 100% inside the mitochondria.


  • Mitochondria are the “energy factories” of the cell. They act like a mini digestive system which takes in nutrients, breaks them down, and creates energy rich molecules for your cells to use.


  • Simply stated, kApex® breaks your dietary fat into fatty acids and then burns them up at highly accelerated rate.


  • Energy wise, kApex® is like upgrading your car’s engine to V12, 500 horsepower beast—and then switching the fuel from gas to nitro… because you’re mitochondria get bigger and stronger AND you’re feeding them more powerful fuel.

It’s easily the most potent non-stimulant based energy product I’ve personally taken. Try it out yourself to find out.

Let me know how your digestion, energy, fat loss and performance improves!  I know I want to improve my vitality and thrive each day as I get age up!  What I do know is for the future…not just for my workout tomorrow.

Debbie Potts


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