Investigae your missing pieces from your health optimization puzzle to reveal the question WHY!

I have learned to always ask WHY…

  • Why do I not feel good?
  • Why do I wake up tired instead of refreshed?
  • Why do I struggle with energy in the afternoon?
  • Why do I not lose weight with my exercise program?
  • Why do some people get more sick from a virus over another?
  • Why do we not have an effective treatment for CV to help people?
  • Why does the mainstream media not help us learn how to GET HEALTHY with real food and health building lifestyle habits?
  • Why does the government, media and hospitals not use the scientifically proven treatments as with Vitamin D, C, Zinc and Quercetin?

Along with following the CDC health guidelines, he encourages everyone to think of boosting their immune systems as a four-pronged approach, using four different supplements.

Number 1: Vitamin D, get your levels up, and you can also ask your doctor to test your levels, a very easy blood test.

Number 2: Vitamin C, we know it’s working well. There have been some studies on COVID where vitamin C has shown to have very good benefits in the outcome of an illness.

Number 3: Zinc stops viral replication multiple ways, so it prevents the virus from hijacking your DNA, prevents the virus from replicating. It also prevents the virus from entering the cell, so zinc is very important right now.

Number 4: Quercetin, which is what’s called a natural bioflavonoid. Quercetin opens up the cells in your body so that zinc can get inside your cells, where it works. So think of quercetin as the key. Think of zinc as the repairman, that is allowed into the house, so-to-speak,” says Dr. Osborne.

Always ask WHY.

We are all unique individuals with different genetics, lifestyle habits, personalities, and microbiomes- so there is NOT a one size fits all approach to feeling your best and looking your best each day.

What is your solution to finding your WHY?

INVESTIGATE what is actually going on inside “under the hood” instead of getting stuck in the cycle of “trial and error”.  Not only do you waste time getting your body and vibrant energetic self back again – but also money as you try one protocol, or one product then move on to something else.

What are you missing pieces of your HEALTH puzzle??

As a FDN Practitioner, we do not treat the lab test results, but we treat the WHOLE person and meet them where they are at together.  We don’t run one lab test at a time and treat the results – instead, we run multiple well chosen functional lab tests and collect multiple clues to the individual’s case of “METABOLIC CHAOS®”.  Then we put together a plan of action to repair, rebuild and restore the WHOLE you back to optimal levels so you can burn fat, optimize your health, and improve the aging process – with the right tools and course of action to take on your own.  We re-connect and re-assess over time and re-evaluated as needed to keep you on the right road and continue your transformational journey.

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Let’s figure out your WHY by testing and not guessing WHY!

Remember the definition of INSANTIY, as I have been saying for the past year, is known as Albert Einstein’s famous line:

Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results”.

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