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Neurohacker Collective to Hack the Aging Process

What are the senescent cells? Everyone wants to slow down the signs of aging, but very few people are going about it the right way. The negative aspects of aging are one of the most ubiquitous challenges to quality of life. Scientists believe that part of the reason...

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Peak State Coffee & Danny Walsh

Today we are talking about one of our favorite morning drinks…COFFEE! Danny Walsh: Danny Walsh is an outdoors person, recreational athlete, and entrepreneur out of Boulder, CO. When he was diagnosed with a stress-related...

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Are you insulin resistant? How to Test and not Guess.

How do you TEST and not guess if you are prone to IR? Here is a great blog post from our friends at Nutrisense. "Testing for insulin resistance isn’t as straightforward as testing for prediabetes or diabetes, for which your doctor would request a fasting glucose or...

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What is the most NUTRIENT DENSE food plan?

I don't like the word DIET. BUT... What are the best foods for you to eat? The most nutrient dense food plan that balances your blood glucose levels, gives your energy, satiety, happpiness and good healthy elimination (poop!). What are your goals?   Fat Loss? ...

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Are you building up your MUSCLES?

Are you focused on prioritizing your protein intake and strength training?? How are your skeletal muscles?   How are you going to be living your life 20-30-40 years from now? Take ownership of your health today! Low carb isn't about zero carb or eating only fat... we...

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Higher Dose Father’s Day Special

Higher Dose is having a ONE-day only 20% off sale In honors of Father’s Day Weekend PROMO CODE: DOSEFORDAD20 Red light mask here PEMF Mat here HigherDOSE is a one-of-a-kind at home spa experience at the intersection of wellness, health, and beauty. HigherDOSE’s line...

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Paleo Valley Superfoods!

My new favorite superfoods supplement... SHOCKER if you know me very well.  No surprise that I need to cover up the ingredients with a black marker pen! Are you searching for more energy in the day? Today, I’d like to share with you an interesting piece of trivia I...

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How to improve the quality of your SLEEP!

How are you prioritizing your sleep? My “hack sleep stack” N = 1 experiment last night included: RECOVERYbits 30 bits HVMN ketone IQ -one serving HVMN Yawn sleep supplement stack Mud mask (swipe for more!) with my new headband from my sister Light my candles and turn...

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