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October Fat Loss Challenge!

Hi there! I wanted to share my October special with you as the price goes up this weekend for my online group 30-day fat loss and health building program.  The WHOLESTIC Method starts with Phase One 5-day fat loss Jumpstart Challenge then we progress to the Phase...

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The Low Carb Athlete

Support the growth of The WHOLE Athlete podcast by ordering your own LOW CARB ATHLETE trucker hat or The WHOLE Athlete trucker hat! Select your favorite color- two options. Enjoy!

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Improve your digestion with kAPEX Supplement… Leverage kApex® NOW And Take Your Energy And Metabolism To The Next Level, Immediately… kApex® is THE most affordable, highly effective way to supercharge your transformation and shed excess weight… To get started, simply click on any...

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The “All in One” Digestive Aid…

Do you ever experience digestive issues when you eat high fat meals? Constipation? Diarrhea? Meal just sits in your stomach?Has your intense exercise or peak athletic performance taken a dip since you switched over to lower carbs?Would you like to experience a...

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Quick Silver Supplements

What supplements do you take each day to improve your performance, recovery, repair and longevity?? As endurance athletes, we are putting a lot of additional stress on our bodies at a cellular level. I don't want to speed up the aging process- do you? A part of...

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Fat Loss & Health Building Coaching Online Services

Hi there! Here are some upcoming opportunities for you to take care of the WHOLE you from the inside out with my “The WHOLESTIC Method” Coaching Services!  September five day fat loss Jumpstart Challenge:  $97Online meeting this Friday 9am (recorded if you can’t make...

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HPA Axis & Cortisol Dominance

Discuss relevant patterns that you might see on the BH205A and include a discussion of how you might use clinical correlation to help you interpret those results. (10) The cortisol sum is calculated from the standard four-point saliva assessments to determine the...

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What type of stress is good for you?

The stress is response is designed to protect the body from harm and ensure survival so even though the stressor may be from a car accident or death in the family – the body will react to the stress via the HPA axis stress response system.  A stressor, internal...

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