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The Health & Longevity New Client Intro Special

Get started on improving your aging process now! Don't wait until you are struggling with health. Take ownership of your health now to improve your future self. How do you want to be living your life when you are 60-70-80 plus years old? Self care is self love. Do you...

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Fall Nutritional Assessment Special for Athletes

Attention all driven, ambitious, high performing athletes! Yes you. Are you a driven, high performing, ambitious athlete looking to achieve peak performance next year? Are you struggling to get your body and vibrant self back again -even with lots of exercise? The...

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Light up your FACE with Higher Dose

Look at what I bought for my birthday... a gift of health for myself! Higher Dose new face mask with red light and near infrared light! Ready to feel rejuvenated? The HigherDOSE Red Light Face Mask is a light therapy device that combines red and near-infrared LED...

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Get a Jumpstart on your Fat Loss before the Holiday Season

Get a Jumpstart on your FAT LOSS by registering here! Get starting on your fat loss transformation with "The WHOLESTIC Method" Five Day Jumpstart Fat Loss Challenge! Do you want to get a jumpstart on the holiday season?   Don't wait until the New Year to start taking...

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Carlsbad Half Marathon 12-Week Training Program 2021-2022

Are you ready for a new adventure & goal? Get started on your training program now to run, walk/run or run the Carlsbad Half Marathon on January 16th, 2021. Coach Debbie Potts will get you to the finish line to one of her favorite races for all levels! If you are...

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Reboot the WHOLE you this October!

Prep Homework:   1.  Measure your waist  2.  Optional bikini 👙 picture for your before ... belly area you should see most changes as you decrease inflammation and start to burn fat!   3.  Weigh in ... and don’t weigh for another week (weekly) or wait until...

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Tips for The Low Carb Athlete Performance & Recovery

How are you improving your performance and recovery? This past weekend, we finally had a mini-vacation hiking at Park City on the mountains ...starting from our hotel back door!  We hiked a little longer each day, Thursday to Sunday, as the altitude started around...

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The Low Carb Athlete and Strength Gains

Hi there, I had some thoughts today on my bike ride and how I feel when lifting weights. Do you lift weights at least once a week? I know many of us endurance athletes and triathletes think we do not need to lift leg weights, or weights in...

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Glycine for SLEEP & PERFORMANCE Gains

Question: Why do glycine and salt help with sleep? I am sharing my experiments to improve my future self – as well as to improve fat loss, health and performance gains! Let’s talk about GLYCINE, SLEEP and PERFORMANCE GAINS. Here is what I have been taking around two...

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