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The WHOLESTIC Method 30-Day Keto Challenge

Are you ready to get a jumpstart on your fat loss program? Do you need support and motivation to reset and reboot your nutrition, exercise and health building lifestyle habits? I have an offer for you... I haven't been running my group programs for the past two years...

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Holiday Meal Ideas with Links

Low Carb-Real Food-Gluten Free Holiday Meal Ideas 50+ Low carb & Keto Thanksgiving Recipes - Diet Doctor  The Ultimate Low Carb Thanksgiving Menu (Keto-Friendly Thanksgiving Recipes) - Seasonly Creations Create the Perfect Keto Thanksgiving Menu - That Low Carb...

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Top “Biohacks” to Avoid the Holiday Weight Gain

Tips to avoid the typical holiday weight gain this season! Do you know how to avoid gaining weight this holiday season? Here are five biohacks to avoid the holiday weight gain: 1.  STRESS management!  Every stress response is a blood sugar response- so if you want to...

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Should Endurance Athletes be strict Carnivore?

Should endurance athletes fuel as carnivores? Are carbs necessary for the endurance athlete? Discussion and thoughts today after I read this blog post... Is a strict carnivore diet an ideal plan for an endurance athlete? What is the ideal diet for an endurance athlete...

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How to improve INSULIN Sensitivity!

Insulin, Gut Health, Cortisol & Thyroid Health This is my job lately...investigate what is actually going on under the hood to help clients burn fat, improve health and achieve performance gains but collecting data and clues to put the missing pieces of the puzzle...

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Nutrition and Fueling for the Female Endurance Athlete

How do you train and fuel as an aging female athlete? When to eat with exercise: before or after? Morning exercise fueling or fasting? Ben Greenfield: Stays in mild ketosis 1-3 mmol all day long by not eating carbs  Doesn’t eat carbs all day long  Workout in late...

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Debbie Solo Cast on Testing Glucose

Test and not guess if you are balancing your glucose! Favorite Products include: Get Kion – Kion amino acids (drink or caps), Kion sleep drink, Kion LMNT electrolyte- packets for hydration at work and on the go HVMN Ketone IQ – brain focus while at work or when...

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Fueling the Low Carb Athlete

How can you improve your fat metabolism? As an endurance athlete - do you need to add in carbs to improve performance, power and speed? It depends on the individual, the intensity, duration, hormones (female cycle) and more. You have unlimited energy on board for...

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