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When you start my 30-day transformation and fat loss program... please don't get obsessed about the scale. Instead, FOCUS on the journey...The WHOLESTIC Method eight elements and improving the WHOLE you from the inside out with your lifestyle changes. Don’t focus on...

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Don’t wait to start your Fat Loss Journey!

Get started with your fat loss and total transformation with The WHOLESTIC Method programs.  Two options for group coaching or ask about Debbie's individualized health coaching for those with more health concerns and symptoms.Are you looking to lose excess body...

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Hormones Tested on the BH205 lab test…

Ideally, each of our clients will take the BH205A lab test to measure the seven stress hormones so we can collect more data to use in our clinical correlation and identify hidden clues to imbalances as well as contributors to METABOLIC CHAOS.  With the saliva...

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Are you hormones in balance?

HPA AXIS Dysregulation – related to…Hypothalamus and pituitary dysfunction (thyroid) as neurotransmitters, hormones and immune system then we have the detoxification or toxicity levels impacts as the HPA Axis will impact the enzymes and co-factors needed in phase 1...

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Part Five: Do you have a LEAK in your gut?

Common Conditions Related to Leaky Gut Chronic constipation, diarrhea, or gasWeak immune systemHeadachesExcessive fatigueDepression or anxietySkin rashes and problems such as acne or eczemaBrain fog, memory lossArthritis or joint pain “Leaky gut can be caused by...

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Part Four: Do you have a Leak in your Gut?

LEAKY GUT is basically the end result from chronic irritation to the mucosal barrier/gut wall lining, we create “holes” and inflammation in the gut.  As a result of excessive exposure to stressors as antigens, pathogens, inflammatory particles and microorganisms...

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Part Three: Do you have a leak in your gut?

The health of the immune system depends on the health of the gut as the “GALT” – gut associated lymphoid tissue is in the gut wall lining (Lamina Propria- layer of loose connective tissue) that makes up the mucosa barrier.  The GALT is rich in immune cells- our...

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