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Do High Charging Athletes need to Fast for Cell Autophagy?

Do athletes need to do a cell autophagy fast? What can we do to promote cell autophagy?  Autophagy is a process that helps your cells "take out the garbage, removing damaged cells in order to generate newer, healthier cells. So, what does autophagy have to do with...

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What are your Near-Mid-Far Infrared Protocols?

How can we improve the sauna experience? Sweating is one of the best ways to detox your body. Every time we sweat, we’re flushing out the toxic substances and heavy metals that we encounter in everyday life. Infrared sauna therapy promotes this process [...] by...

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Tips to Balancing your Hormones

How are you supporting your hormones? One of my favorite tricks to support my hormones is with MACA - as Dr. Anna's MIGHTY MACA drink each day. What is Mighty Maca Plus? SUPERFOOD NUTRITION FOR WOMEN, FORMULATED BY AN OB‑GYN A Superfood Green Drink Blend Certified...

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How do you want to age up in life?

How are you improving the aging process? I am on a mission to get stronger, faster and more powerful as I age up in life.  I feel that we have a say in how we want to age and how we want to perform as our FUTURE SELF. How old are your parents? We lost my dad last June...

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What should you eat each day?

What are you eating each day? How are you eating your meals? Why are you eating? When are you eating your meals? What should you eat? It depends. Summary: nutrient dense whole foods that are from nature and balance your blood sugar. Provide energy, satiety and...

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Fueling the Endurance Athlete Links

Athletic Performance Suggestions: BenG – “In my opinion, the BEST pre-workout mix you can make yourself that beats anything on the market is 5g creatine 50-100mg caffeine (alternative?) 1 serving ketone esters 10g essential amino acids 1/2 tsp sodium bicarbonate....

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Transform the WHOLE you in 2023 – and your FUTURE self

What did you learn from 2022? Are you taking time out to reflect on the past year and set your intentions for 2023? I know that LIFE IS NOT A RACE… It is an ongoing JOURNEY! It will have been TEN years since my “Adrenal Exhaustion” started to obviously show up in...

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