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Gut Repair-Superfoods-Break your Fast Shake!

Debbie’s Superfood Gut Repair Shake.  1. Keto Bone Broth Protein or other non-GMO, organic protein powder 2. Glutamine- one scoop 3. Collagen Peptides - one scoop 4. Avocado- 1/2 5. Coconut natural shredded- no sweetener 1/4 cup 6. Low oxalate greens or Athletic...

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My OURA Ring & Sleep Hacks

How is your sleep score and readiness? I have been using the OURA Ring since February 2021 and LOVE how much I can learn from the information each day. What does the OURA Ring do for improving our performance and longevity? We can figure out what works and what...

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Full Moon and Parasites!?

Do you know about scheduling your detox protocol over a full moon?? I am scheduling my health coaching clients to up their detox protocol over the full moon when gut bugs are more active and come out to play! When is 2021’s “Blood Moon?” In the early hours of May 26,...

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Are you struggling to look your best, feel your best and perform your best in your second half of your life? We, females, want to fast as well to burn fat, optimize health and improve our performance in daily life -as well as our longevity. much fasting is...

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My Secret new Biohack…

Have you ever tried getting your nutrients injected? My new discovery is getting a weekly shot in my fatty tissue on my booty! Here are the past four "cocktails" I have had for my cellular health, liver health and mitochondria performance: 1. Glutathione + Vit C+ Zinc...

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Sometimes you don’t know you are unhappy until…

This past year, ironically of all years in our history, friends have been making comments on how HAPPY I look in my pictures. YES, I am HAPPY now. I realized that I am finally happy this past few months. Ironically, I never was aware that I was unhappy! Funny that you...

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Get Fit & Healthy to Improve your QUALITY of Life!

Oh my... this intro to this video interview Mike Mutzel posted on his science based podcast via YouTube fires me up.For the past year, I have been saying the same info. WHY do we not hear about how to improve our health in the past year as wearing a mask, staying home...

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Let GO and Let BE…

Do you struggle with always "on" and don't know how to turn your brain "off"? I don't know about you, but I think most of us, including myself, have become addicted to always being busy, multi-tasking and in over drive. We have gotten into the habit of MULTI-TASKING...

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What is your night-time ritual?

Are you staying up past your bedtime watching too much cable T.V. while scrolling your social media feed and drinking an extra glass of wine? Do you struggle falling asleep or staying asleep? Do you wake up naturally in the morning -perhaps with the sunrise or are you...

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