Are you trying to do all the “right” things to burn fat and lose weight – but end up feeling stressed out, exhausted and gaining weight?

Are you struggling to burn fat and lose weight?

The struggle is REAL but it doesn’t have to be your new “normal” or do you need to blame the aging process.

Gaining weight does not have to be a “normal part of aging”!

WE just need to change our eating and lifestyle habits to match the aging process.

Many of us are more carb sensitive and feel more satisfied with less processed carbohydrates. We also should be moving more throughout the day and lifting “heavy things” a few days a week – while adding in short 20-seconds sprints here and there. We are training for performing our best in REAL LIFE!

Another “area of opportunity” I find for most of my clients is not just about WHAT they are eating (avoiding inflammatory foods and balancing their blood sugar) but focusing on HOW they are eating, digesting and absorbing their food (nutrients).

As we age, we often can benefit from adding digestive enzymes and HCL to help breakdown our proteins, fats and carbohydrates.

An extra reminder- we don’t have any essential carbohydrates..just essential fatty acids, essential amino acids and essential minerals!

One of my favorite go-to-items to test on clients is from a company called BiOptimizers. Their kApex supplement helps us improve our digestion and absorption but also offers so many more benefits to improve our fat burning capacity.

What is the secret to making Keto EASY in 7 seconds to improve your fat burning?

Here is a story about my friend Matt Gallant is a BEAST.

While it’s damn impressive that he’s been doing Keto for 26-years…

… I’m even more impressed by what he’s doing NOW (without breakdown his body and burning out!)

  • He runs multiple multi-million-dollar companies, working insane hours.
  • Still finds the time to hit it hard in the gym and stay in peak shape.
  • Has an amazingly deep, intimate relationship with his wife, family, and friends.
  • And does more personal development, brain training, and spiritual work than just about anyone I know.

===> So when Matt tells me that he recently discovered a 7-second solution for fixing the 3 sources of failure on Keto and low-carb diets, I listen.

You should too.

Warning—Matt’s also a world-class researcher, and leveraged over 130 studies to validate solution he reveals on this page.


  • Improve your digestion of fats, fat utilization and fat mobilization.
  • Feel a new peak of smooth, constant energy as well as the best digestion ever on a low carb keto diet.
  • kApex® upgrades the way your body and cells function on a low carb Keto diet.
  • kApex® is precisely formulated to help your body rewire itself in these three key ways.
  • Every ingredient performs a critical role. It’s NOT a mish-mash of “maybes” in a bottle.

Your health depends on what you eat but also what you are able to digest and absorb.

  • Boosts AMPK (an enzyme that promotes energy production) in muscles by 52% and fat cells by 300%.
  • Ups ATP (energy) in your liver by 22%, which makes the liver better at ketogenesis and detoxification.
  • Amps adiponectin (a hormone from fat cells that promote fat loss and healthy blood lipids, while balancing inflammation) by up to 248%.
  • Improves insulin sensitivity by increasing glut4 (an insulin-mediated glucose transporter) by 488% in fat and muscle cells.
    Helps lower inflammation.
  • Boosts cardiovascular health.
  • Helps reduce bad cholesterol.
  • Support fat and protein digestion.
  • Prevent digestive upset from high-fat meals.
  • Aids digestion.
  • Increases energy.
  • Reduces keto flu and fatigue during keto-adaptation.
  • Improves exercise performance, especially on low-carb or ketogenic diets.
  • Enhances fat loss (when combined with proper exercise and nutrition).
  • Improves mitochondrial health and activates anti-aging pathways
Check it out here and let me know how your body responds

My 1 favorite nutrient for “triple the fat-burning”

Ever heard of InnoSlim®?

Not many people have… because it’s a patented “super nutrient” that’s only beginning to hit mainstream.

The InnoSlim® helps support fat loss in multiple ways:

  • It boosts AMPK (a key element of cellular energy) in muscles by 52% and fat cells by 300%
  • It enhances ATP in your liver by 22% (another key element of energy)
  • It sends adiponectin soaring by up to 248% (a critical fat-burning hormone)
  • And skyrockets GLUT4 (insulin-regulated glucose transporter found primarily in fat) by up to 488%!

Bottom line, InnoSlim® cranks up your natural energy and helps your body keep your blood sugar levels low—all while increasing your insulin sensitivity.

All of these are vital for fat loss.

===> The best part about InnoSlim®? It works even better with the other nutrients revealed on this page, which target digestion and energy.

InnoSlim® is easily one of the greatest recent discoveries in the science of fat-burning.

When you look at how it boosts adiponectin in normal cells by 103% and insulin-resistant cells by 248%... and how critical BOTH of those are for smashing through fat-loss plateaus…

You begin to get a glimpse of its true power.

And again, InnoSlim® is JUST ONE ingredient in the most powerful formula we’ve EVER seen for those on Keto, low-carb, and high-fat dieters.

===> Go here to learn more about it, and how it works synergistically with other ingredients in this formula to supercharge your digestion, energy, and fat-burning metabolism.

You won’t be disappointed.

Coach Debbie Potts

P.S.—On that page, there are 130 pieces of research noted (including 29 full studies)… and a big portion of them are about InnoSlim®.

There’s no hype here… it really works.

===> And you can test-drive this new formula with InnoSlim® and other super nutrients risk-free for one full year, to PROVE its fat-burning power for yourself.

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