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Coach Debbie on Fueling for High Intensity Exercise Sessions

How are you fueling up to improve performance in your key speed workouts or HIIT sessions?

Are you on a mission to get stronger, faster and more powerful??

What if specific strategic fueling in and around your workout sessions could help improve your key performance sessions?

Perhaps you are like me and are curious if you could be stronger and faster if you added a little bit of calories pre anaerobic interval workout instead of training fasted in your morning sessions??  

If are you not getting stronger, faster and more powerful… then why don’t we try a different approach?  Remember, INSANITY could be described as “doing the same thing over and over again expecting different results”… are you trying to stay the same or see improvements??

N = 1 experiment!  

Test and not guess with a strategic fueling program that works best for YOU.

Save with SFuels here today if you want to test out their TRAIN and RACE+ formulas in your training and racing program.

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