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Episode #465 Going Longer with SFuels

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Going Longer With SFuels!

Leighton Phillips is the Founder of SFuels, which was born to provide the right fuel at the right time for performance athletes and active lifestyles. While training, Leighton found that the market for training drinks and bars was full of sugar, syrup and refined grains. He knew he could produce something better with the nutrition training and the ultra-endurance racing experience he had. SFuels products support training your body to use fat and carbohydrate simultaneously, allowing you to go longer in your training, competitive racing, and everyday active lifestyle.

During our discussion, you will discover the story behind SFuels, what the SFuels provide for the endurance athlete, how to become a fat-adapted athlete, the right amount of carbs for endurance athletes, matching fueling with exercises, and the best time to take ketones. You will also learn tips to train low and race high and the best way to lose weight. Tune in to learn more!


Resources Mentioned



[05:26] The right amount of carbs for the endurance athlete

[06:55] The carb tolerance test

[19:08] The story behind SFuels

[25:04] How to become a fat-adapted athlete

[38:18] Nutrition and exercises

[41:00] Getting quality carbohydrates

[45:56] The best way to lose weight

[48:20] What the SFuels provide for the endurance athlete

[55:20] Tips to train low and race high

[01:04:01] The best time to take ketones

[01:07:02] The best workouts drinks

[01:15:43] Four tips for efficient fat adapted


Notable quotes

  • “When we do low heart rates for too long and we forget to add the Hit training for too long, we lose the ability to go hard.”
  • “Your stress impacts everything. If you don’t sleep, it is going to impact your effort to eat, make good exercise and have a healthy life.”
  • “Nature is food.”


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