Dr. Ben Lynch wrote the amazing informational handbook “DIRTY GENES” and owns SEEKING HEALTH company withe Strategene and supplements.

Stress emotional issues and other external stressors impact our immune system

Dr. Lynch has done some amazing videos in these past weeks on his FB and IG to show us how to stay healthy during this crazy time in our world. Please do follow and listen to them.

Dr. Lynch recommended products from Seeking health which you can find here:

  • PQQ Lozenge
  • Liposomal glutathione
  • Vitamin A drops
  • Vitamin D3 drops
  • Probiotics
  • Fish oil
  • NAC possibly
  • Liposomal C
  • Electrolytes
  • Multivitamin
  • Fundamentals

Dr. Ben Lynch is the best-selling author of Dirty Genes and a leader in the field of nutrigenomics. He’s also president of Seeking Health, an innovative company providing supplements, courses, and tools designed to help people overcome genetic dysfunction and optimize health. After earning his Bachelor of Science in Cell and Molecular Biology from the University of Washington, he then obtained a Doctorate of Naturopathic Medicine from Bastyr University where he now serves on the Board of Trustees. Dr. Lynch lives in Seattle, WA with his wife and three sons.  

Listen to my recent “LOW CARB ATHLETE” podcast interview with Dr. Lynch’s on his story, his WHY and mission. 

We discussed taking care of the WHOLE person to support our immune system with the coronavirus protocol- to stay healthy on the inside and out…maybe add how our genes, epigenetics and supplements needed to thrive right now

  1. Let’s review basic terms on epigenetics and “DIRTY GENES
  2. How do we use our genetic reports to create an individualized health building program using nutritional therapy and lifestyle improvements (THE WHOLESTIC METHOD!)?
  3. How do endurance athletes know if they are fit and healthy… if they are going to train for endurance events- what can they do to optimize their health at a cellular level to improve fat loss, athletic performance and longevity?
  4. How can we use genetic reports- StrateGene to optimize our health, performance and longevity? 
  5. Chronic stress, accumulation of external and hidden internal stressors- how does this impact our health and how does our genetics influence our outcome?
  6. Talk about how we can’t out supplement poor lifestyle habits (including over training and under recovery) to support, stimulate or substitute as we say as FDN Practitioners…
  7. Substitution: for missing vitamins and minerals that are no longer in the food supply, even organic food can lack nutrients
  • Stimulation: most vitamins, minerals and herbs. For example, vitamin B-12 provides stimulation to the liver, echinacea stimulates the immune system
  • Support: temporary support or support for vital voids, for those who may be lacking in normal production. Examples, digestive enzymes and HCl, adrenals, etc.

“Dirty Genes is an empowering, actionable, and practical guide on how to optimize our health and make the best of our genes. I highly recommend this book to every person who is struggling with health challenges or simply wants to optimize their health.”

“After suffering for years with unexplainable health issues, Dr. Ben Lynch discovered the root cause—“dirty” genes. Genes can be “born dirty” or merely “act dirty” in response to your environment, diet, or lifestyle—causing lifelong, life-threatening, and chronic health problems, including cardiovascular disease, autoimmune disorders, anxiety, depression, digestive issues, obesity, cancer, and diabetes.

Based on his own experience and successfully helping thousands of clients, Dr. Lynch shows you how to identify and optimize both types of dirty genes by cleaning them up with targeted and personalized plans, including healthy eating, good sleep, stress relief, environmental detox, and other holistic and natural means.

Many of us believe our genes doom us to the disorders that run in our families. But Dr. Lynch reveals that with the right plan in place, you can eliminate symptoms, and optimize your physical and mental health—and ultimately rewrite your genetic destiny.

What StrateGene Offers

Tired of chasing protocols for SNPs? 

With StrateGene, you see how clinically relevant genetic polymorphisms taken from 23andMe work and interact with one’s diet, lifestyle and their environment. This allows you to make holistic based recommendations.

Want to know how a SNP may play a role in health? 

With StrateGene, you get a breakdown of associated conditions and symptoms along with kinetic variation.

Dr. Ben Lynch  https://www.drbenlynch.com/

Seeking Health https://www.seekinghealth.com/





Genetic testing can be powerful when it’s used properly. Genetic testing shouldn’t be considered an easy, quick-fix, and it may not reveal anything you need to fix at all, but rather simply understand. Genetic reports which feature fast and easy solutions are ineffective and potentially dangerous. Your body does not function that quickly and neither do your genes. If you’re ready to learn how to properly apply genetic testing into your life, then you’re ready for StrateGene®. The StrateGene® Genetic Report, StrateGene® Planners and the StrateGene® Poster are a complete set which, when used in combination with your Dirty Genes Series, will propel you towards a deeper understanding of how your body works and how to best support it.

Seeking Health website
Dr. Lynch suggested athletes to test out this product to boost energy!
May help support a healthy nervous system
May help support healthy mitochondria and cellular signaling
May help support the body’s natural free-radical defenses

What are “DIRTY” Genes?

Dirty Genes™

How can we clean up our “Dirty Genes”?

Learn more in my hour long (plus some) podcast interview with Dr. Ben Lynch on how to clean up your “dirty genes”. Read his handbook again and again – as I am reading it for my THIRD time and my book is highlighted all over.

The Clean Genes Protocol is similar to my “The WHOLESTIC Method” lifestyle habits but he has a great list in his book-

  1. Soak and Scrub for two weeks
  2. Fill out your “Laundry List” to find out which of your genes need cleaning
  3. Follow the program for two weeks focusing on healthy nutrient dense food, quality sleep, reduced exposure to environmental toxins and of course STRESS relief/management
  4. “Grease Stains” required a little more “soak and scrub” to get all of the “mud” off before specific work on “stains”
  5. Focus on what you eat, how you sleep, how you exercise, detox and destress for 14-days (or more?!)
  6. Then progress to his step two “spot clean” for two weeks.
  7. Step Three is keeping “clean for life”.
  8. Check back to your “Laundry List” (as I am now) to see “which genes need more cleaning” as it always changes!
  9. Follow the program!
  10. The GOLDILOCKS Effect…my addition!
Transform the WHOLE you with The WHOLESTIC Method 90-Day Health Detective Coaching Program with Debbie

What dirties our genes?


  • too many carbs
  • too much sugar
  • too much protein
  • not enough protein
  • not enough healthy fat
  • a shortage of nutrients needed for our genes to work properly


Do your workouts leave you exhausted?
  • sedentary lifestyle
  • over training
  • electrolyte deficiency
  • dehydration


Your sleep doesn’t have to be painful, uncomfortable and challening
  • not enough deep, restorative sleep
  • going to bed late and getting up late
  • irregular sleep patterns


  • “Dirty” food
  • “Dirty” water
  • “Dirty” air- including indoor air
  • “Dirty” products: sprays, cleaners, cosmetics, paints, pesticides and herbicides


  • physical stress- long term illness, chronic infections, food intolerance/allergies, insufficient sleep
  • psychological stress: issues at work, at home, with loved ones and with life!

Learn more in the book DIRTY GENES by Dr. Ben Lynch here

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