Hey friends!

Are you feeling alone and isolated after our first week of lock down and isolation?

I am checking in on you during this crazy time in our world and to share opportunities to take care of the WHOLE you during this crazy time in our world as your HEALTH is your WEALTH.

As I have been focusing on switching to an online health building transformation coaching program the past year, I am ready to coach you online for health, wellness and fitness.

My “health detective” 90-day online health coaching services are what we should all be doing now as we are fighting this virus by improving our immune systems.

We don’t know if we are healthy from the inside and out unless we run well-chosen functional lab tests that you can do at your own house. The lab tests (urine, stool and saliva) can be shipped directly to your house, then you take the test and ship back directly to the lab. You don’t have to go to the doctor or lab for blood test for most of these tests that help identify your HIDDEN internal CHRONIC Stressors than contribute to

CHRONIC external stressors from our lifestyle, environment, emotions and more accumulate -plus combine with our hidden (often unknown) internal CHRONIC stressors that are breaking you down and creating “METABOLIC CHAOS”.

H.I.D.D.E.N. Internal stressors that you do not know about unless you investigate the WHOLE you using well-chosen functional labs and clinical correlation with all of our clues we collect to put the missing pieces of the puzzle together to repair, rebuild and restore the WHOLE you. Homeostasis… balance in all areas of our body systems and life is essential to optimize our health from the inside out for longevity.

  • Hormone dysfunction
  • Immune dysfunction (80% immune system is in your gut!)
  • Digestion dysfunction
  • Detoxification congestion
  • Energy systems (mitochondrial energy/fatigue)
  • Nervous systems (neurotransmitters, PNS vs. SNS dominance)

Learn more on my web page on the “HEALTH DETECTIVE” program for a 90-day commitment or longer.

Sadly, all of the fitness studios and gyms are closed for a few weeks, but you can still keep fit and strong by doing home workout online and outside.

I am able to train you ONLINE using ZOOM video and write a workout for YOU based on your needs, body, injuries and equipment (if any) then “meet” you to get you started on training virtually.  I could do this as a regular “personal training” session for you once a week and you follow the workout 2-3 times each week.

PLUS- we MUST get outside each day to get fresh clean air. 

Get started on investigating if you are really fit and healthy from the inside out. What is “under your hood”? You do not know unless you test, so stop guessing and being in the cycle of “trial and error”!

Other online coaching programs options for you…

1. Optional online ZOOM video conference “calls” for personal training or health coaching for you at home – no equipment needed but your Ipad or Computer with zoom for me to coach you (tell you what to do) for 30-minutes! $75 for 30-minute session (includes workout design time)

2. Online 5-day group wellness program for $127 which includes daily 30-minute online ZOOM instructed workout, nutritional support, intermittent fasting, sleep hygiene, movement/mobility, time outdoors, gratitude journal or meditation plus breathing exercises.

3. Optional individual personal training (6 feet apart) at the downtown Bellevue Park as the sun is shining and I have my “toy box” in my mini “Cubbie” ready to go. Also, run or run/walk workouts outside but of course keeping our distance!

4. Online health rebuilding program…great time to get started on my 90-day health optimizer or health re-builder programs. 3-Month requirement with monthly payments. Ask for a consultation to see if this is a program for your needs and goals!

Let me know how I can help you stay healthy, fit and sane during this crazy time in our world!  

Immune Boosting Supplements: top ones are selling out quickly!

  1. Natural Stacks (Seattle based company)Vitamin C, MagTech, Vitamin D, Mycoboost
  2. Quicksilver liposomal Vitamin C, B-Complex, Glutathione, Mitochondria support and Liver support
  3. Microbiome Labs– Megasporebiotic, Mega Omega, MegaMycobalance, RestoreFlora
  4. Bio-Botanicals Throat Spray (anti-bacterial)
  5. Immune boosting Essential Oils from Vibrant Wellness
  6. You can find all of these supplements here on my Fullscript practitioner account

Food delivery service:

  1. Butcher Box
  2. Athletic Greens
  3. Kion Coffee and Kion Aminos here
  4. Bonafide Provisions Bone Broth -The code is Thewholeathlete is valid for 20% off orders of $75 or more and it is only valid for one use per customer

More on my website via https://debbiepotts.net/how-to-stay-healthy-well-and-sane/

Contact me to talk about the best program option for you!

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