Dr. Anna Cabeca,  Hormone Fix Supplement Guide

Hormone Support

  • Julva®
  • Julva® Trial Pack
  • Julva® 7-Night Travel Pack
  • Pura Balance PPR Cream

Dietary Support:

  • Mighty Maca® Plus
  • Mighty Maca® Plus Trial Pack
  • Keto-Green® Shake
  • Keto-Alkaline® Protein Shake


Dr. Anna Cabeca resources:

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  8. PPR Cream (my favorite)
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  10. Mighty Maca Full Canister
  11. Slim Sane Sexy eBook
  12. Keto-Green Shake

Pura Balance PPR Cream – New Formula

Retail: $49.95

Dr. Anna Cabeca’s NEW & IMPROVED Pura Balance PPR Cream is a beautiful formulation of bio-available Progesterone and Pregnenolone, the “mother of all hormones.” 

Pura Balance PPR Cream

  • A beautiful formulation of bio-available Progesterone and Pregnenolone, the “mother of all hormones.”
  • Dr. Anna re-formulated this popular product so it is more concentrated (longer lasting) and has added peptides (to strengthen your skin to reduce the signs of fine lines, while improving uneven textures.)
  • You will experience a clean feel, with a natural base of all non-GMO ingredients and high quality progesterone and pregnenolone.

Dr. Anna uses and recommends Pura Balance PPR Cream as it:

  • Supports bone metabolism…yeah, strong bones!
  • Supports hormone balance…with protective and health-promoting properties.
  • Improves response to stress (especially important over the holidays)
  • Promotes a balanced mood (my family is appreciative of this!)
  • Bonus: It’s a great anti-aging skin cream!  Apply to your face and neck and you’ll see how the new added peptides strengthen your skin!
  • Contains natural progesterone.

Why is this important?

  • Most synthetic progesterone-like products actually contain progestins, which are synthetic analogs of progesterone; progestins are far more powerful than the body’s own natural progesterone.
  • Progestins can be metabolized into toxic by-products that may interfere with the body’s own natural progesterone, creating other hormone-related health problems and further exacerbating estrogen dominance.
  • Natural progesterone, on the other hand, is identical to the progesterone that is produced by the body.
  • It is manufactured in scientific laboratories from wild yams and soy beans (natural progesterone should not be confused with “yam extracts”).
  • Pregnenolone levels, like many health-promoting hormones, drop with age. 
  • It is an important hormone for many aspects of health and aging well, including bone and brain health.


  • Apply one pump of cream in the evening to soft skin areas of your body (face, neck, chest, inner-arms and lower abdomen).
  • Massage well into skin.
  • When cycling, use on days 14 to 28.
  • When post-menopausal, use on days 1 to 25 monthly


Deionized Water, Caprylic/Capric Triglyceride, Lactobacillus, Cocos Nucifera (Coconut) Fruit Extract, Leuconostoc/Radish Root Ferment Filtrate, Glyceryl Stearate, Stearic Acid, Organic Glycerin, Progesterone, Pregnenolone, Cetyl Alcohol, Tripeptide-29, Organic Rosmarinus Officinalis (Rosemary) Extract, Xanthan Gum, Glycerin, Daucus Carota Sativa (Carrot) Root Extract, Vitis Vinifera (Grape) Seed Extract, Organic Lavandula Angustifolia Oil, Sodium Hydroxide, Organic Cymbopogon Flexuosus (Lemon Grass) Oil

Better Brain & Sleep: 

Cost:  $54.95

Top of Form

Bottom of Form

Clinical Applications

• Supports Healthy Brain Magnesium Levels*

• Supports Healthy Synapse Number and Function*

• Supports Cognitive Health*

• Supports Stress Management, Sleep Quality, and a Healthy Mood*

• Helps Ensure an Optimal Magnesium Intake for Overall Health*

Better Brain & Sleep features:

  • Albion chelated magnesium plus Magtein™ (magnesium L-threonate), the only form of magnesium proven in animal studies to cross the blood-brain barrier.
  • Boosting the brain’s magnesium level is vital to healthy cognition, which includes long- and short-term memory, learning, stress management, and sleep.*

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 Does Not Contain:  Wheat, gluten, yeast, soy, animal or dairy products, fish, shellfish, peanuts, tree nuts, egg, ingredients derived from genetically modified organisms (GMOs), artificial colors, artificial sweeteners, or artificial preservatives.

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