Cynthia Thurlow is a globally recognized expert in nutrition & intermittent fasting, highly sought after speaker, CEO and founder of Everyday Wellness Project. She’s been a nurse practitioner for 20+ years, is a 2x TEDx speaker: her 2nd talk on intermittent fasting has been viewed close to 7 million times. She has been featured on ABC, FOX5, KTLA, CW and in Medium and Entrepreneur. She’s also the host of Everyday Wellness podcast, which was listed as “20 Podcasts That Will Help You Grow in 2020” by Entrepreneur magazine.

 Today we chat about all things on chronic stress, immune system, female athletes and fasting!

  1. What are your best strategies for managing chronic stress?
  2. How does IF impact endurance athletes
  3. Do women need to strategize with IF differently than their male counterparts?


I’m a nurse practitioner, entrepreneur, functional nutritionist, and a two-time TEDx speaker. My passion is helping women find wellness through the healing power of nutrition and solving health problems from the inside out. But, what I’m most proud of are my titles of mom and wife! I have all boys, including two Doodles and a loving, patient and supportive husband. I worked in clinical medicine, both in the ER and cardiology, for nearly 20 years. The power of Western medicine’s approach to acute and life-threatening disease and emergencies is undeniable. However, I started to question our approach to the on-going symptoms of chronic health problems. I started to think more about the root causes of the chronic health problems of my patients. I became passionate about learning how I could help my own family, patients, and clients avoid chronic health issues and diseases before they even became a problem. One of the most rewarding aspects of being a nurse practitioner and nutritionist expert are the relationships I develop with patients and clients.  I started to see a powerful relationship between the foods that we eat and improved symptoms, health and wellness. When I saw my patients see big improvements in their health, I was inspired to do advanced training in nutrition and functional testing.  Unexpectedly, in 2019 I had a significant health care hiccup. I was traveling back home to Washington, DC, from a romantic Hawaiian vacation with my husband, and 48hrs later I found myself in the ER with a ruptured appendix, inflamed colon and bought myself a 13 day hospital stay with further complications.  Things got really serious when I couldn’t leave my bed, I couldn’t eat, I had tubes everywhere, drains coming from my abdomen, and was too weak to deal with anything in my normal daily activities. I was away from my home, my family and my world was very small. My two things that pulled me through this were my boys and the visualization of seeing myself on the TEDx stage, delivering my intermittent fasting talk. I used this technique to keep me motivated on recovery. Nothing prepares you for being a patient when you are used to being the health care provider. I’m happy to report that I graced the TEDx stage 27 days after returning home from my hospitalization and my life changed forever. The YouTube video of my TEDx talk, as of March 2020 has been viewed by over 5 million people. This has lead to incredible opportunities that I am so grateful for. I am uniquely positioned to support women as they struggle with and try to make sense of issues related to lack of energy, weight gain, and food cravings. I understand their frustration when they don’t get the answers they want and need from traditional medicine. My patients inspire me to not only create unique one-on-one programs, but also group programs that help address, support and educate women on the profound mind-body connection and provide the tools to address these concerns. I do not believe nor do I support the limiting belief that women have to accept weight gain as a normal function of aging.





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