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Debbie shares her background to explain her purpose, passion and mission to help other ambitious, driven, high performing individuals how to get their body and vibrant self back again by investigating what is actually going on “under the hood” to help put the missing pieces of the puzzle back together again!

Do you burn fat or carbs when you are at rest and when training at lower intensities?

Part one of two solo podcasts to discuss how to become fat adapted and WHY.   1. Train the slow-twitch aerobic muscle fibers, which contain mitochondria that burn fat.   2.  Avoid over training and under recovery syndrome by training in the “black hole” and having mantra of “no-pain, no-gain”   3.  Training above fat burning heart rate intensities -results not training the slow twitch muscle fibers.   4.  Train the slow-twitch muscles move faster overtime with the right mix of training intensities and food choices to improve fat-burning.   5.  Metabolic Flexibility to burn both fat and sugar- ancestral health   6.  If we depend on burning carbs and depleting limited supplies of glycogen storage instead of slow burning fat fuel can lead to compromised health issues.   More from: Ken J Hetlelid, Daniel J Plews, Eva Herold, Paul B Laursen, Stephen Seiler.   “Rethinking the role of fat oxidation: substrate utilisation during high-intensity interval training in well-trained and recreationally trained runners.” ·BMJ Open Sport Exerc Med, 2015.   Let me know your questions on how to burn fat, optimize health and to improve performance for part two of this topic!   The WHOLESTIC Method Coach Debbie Potts 

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