Are you struggling to look your best, feel your best and perform your best in your second half of your life?

We, females, want to fast as well to burn fat, optimize health and improve our performance in daily life -as well as our longevity.

But…how much fasting is too much?

When is the best time of the month to fast?

Listen to this video with my friend Dr. Mindy Pelz on the FASTING CIRCLE.

GREAT video to watch with my friend Dr. Mindy Pelz! Women are not the same as men – so we are not going to fast, eat and train the same. The FASTING CIRCLE is coming soon – as women

Day 1-10 of our cycle we need to be insulin sensitive
Day 11-15 we are ovulating – all three sex hormones are at their highest. We all ovulate at different times. We should not be fasting over 15 hours or hormones will start to tank.
Day 16-19 we can do all the fasting we want!
Day 20-28 be sure to NOT fast… 13 hours would be around the max. Step out of fasting day 20 until the cycle begins. The body needs to make progesterone and needs to make cortisol to make progesterone… from DHEA. DHEA will make cortisol instead of progesterone if we are fasting. We don’t want to tank our progesterone!

Look at your fueling, training and fasting on a 30-day cycle.

If you don’t know your cycle – then look at a WEEKLY variation.

Basic template if you don’t have a cycle… 5/1/1
5 days intermittent fast – not over 15 hours of fasting if new
1 day a week push fast to 24 hours to reboot gut cells
1 day a week NO fasting.

5 days IF and making self insulin sensitive
1 day a week helping repair gut with a longer fast
1 day a week working on improving our progesterone levels by not fasting!

Fascinating right?!
Now we can coach female clients based on their cycle phase to learn how time fast based on our hormonal needs.

Enjoy…. stay tuned in to my podcast and blog for more fasting for females resources.

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