Episode 429: Fixing Athletes Thyroid To Stay Healthy Inside Out with Dr. Aime Hornaman

Our bodies were not made for walking around, being miserable, tired, depressed, or constipated. This is not a sign you’re getting older. It’s also not something you need to live with. It’s a signal that something is wrong with your body. You can find it through testing, listening to your body, and asking yourself how you feel. Pairing up how you feel with your lab test will help you get the full picture of what is going on and the proper treatment plan. Learning how to be a patient advocate for yourself and work with a specialist will help you find the right answers and get back to optimal health. 

Join the conversation with Dr. Aimee as she shares about thyroid dysfunction and other related hormones dysfunction, causes, and intervention strategies to provide you with tools to help you advocate for your thyroid and hormone health.

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During this episode, you will learn about;

[00:24] About KetoCon Austin 2022 conference. Registration code Lowcarbathlete

[03:18] What’s in for you in today’s episode

[06:36] Hyperthyroidism attacks in female athletes and entrepreneurs

[10:23] Dietary and lifestyle changes impacts among people with thyroid issues

[11:29] Pairing Keto and hyperthyroid 

[13:39] The opponents of pairing up keto with Low carb diets

[16:30] Having a sustainable keto diet lifestyle 

[18:44] Balancing and matching your nutrition with your workouts, menstrual cycle, etc.

[20:59] How overriding fasting signals activate reverse T3 and bring hypothyroidism

[26:08] The importance of hyperthyroid help and how to get help 

[29:26] How low testosterone and estrogen levels contribute to thyroid disfunction

[30:44] T4 conversion to active T3 and to reverse T3 hormones

[33:28] Lifestyle changes that athletes should focus on to optimize their thyroid functionality

[38:57] Blood screening tests sample for thyroid and other hormones markers

[46:16] Nutrition for autoimmune, hypothyroidism (with high free reverse T3), and hair loss  

[47:47] Low thyroid function impact on vitamin D and other health risk factors

[50:26] The importance of iodine and selenium test 

[54:00] Takeaways from Dr.Aime

[58:38] Cycling your carbohydrates naturally while listening to your body 

[59:45] How to connect and reach out to Dr. Aime


Notable Quotes  

  • “Going too low on carbs for extended periods will drop your T3 levels.”
  • “Tunning to your body will help you do your dieting and fast naturally.”
  • “Sleep is vitally important, and you’re not going to be a better human being with five hours of sleep.”
  • “High selenium is as bad as low selenium in preventing T4 to T3 conversion.” 
  • “You’ve to know your levels before you start throwing in supplements.” 
  • “Be a patient advocate for yourself.” 

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