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The WHOLESTIC Method 30 Day Transformation Program: PHASE ONE

5-day Jumpstart Program to RESET and REBOOT the WHOLE You from the inside out.

The WHOLESTIC Method 5-Day Jumpstart Game Plan: 

  1. HYDRATE! Wake up and hydrate with sea salt mineral water
  2. MOVE OUTDOORS! Get moving and wake up in the outdoors in the morning sunshine for a fasted walk 10-40 minutes.
  3. Morning and evening cold shower intervals as 20 seconds hot/20 seconds cold “Tabata” timer intervals or sauna then finish with cold shower
  4. Good Stressors… Hot/Cold, Fast/Eat, Work/Rest (HIIT)
  5. Morning fasted cardio at MAF heart rate (180-Age formula)
  6. Morning or early evening: LIFT HEAVY THINGS! Best time to exercise is when you are able to do it consistently.  Try morning, afternoon or early evening strength training – no high intensity training or METCON type of hard workouts during our modified fasting week.  Example:  5 x 5 workout.
  7. Gratitude time! Take a moment to give gratitude verbally or write in a journal morning or evening…write three things you are grateful for that day and three things you did for someone else to bring joy and happiness to others! Pay it forward.
  8. DETOX your TOXIC Energy Robbers and environment
  9. Avoid snacking and mindless eating – if hungry or cravings go for ACV drink first then try bone broth. If need more- add healthy fats (coconut oil, MCT oil, Ghee, or grass-fed butter) to broth and sea salt.
  10. Avoid alcoholic beverages during the program.
  11. Kitchen closed after your main meal or 7pm. Stop eating or consuming any calories three hours before bed (7pm).
  12. IF and TRE: Allow body to digest foods and for the internal housekeeping service to arrive overnight while sleeping (Detoxification) = intermittent fasting 12-16 hours overnight. LESS is MORE for cycling females! 
  13. ONE main meal around 2-3pm: 40/30/30 macros to start then adjusting.
    1. Test and not guess keep carb intake lower as 50 grams for some people. Lower carbohydrates the more carb intolerant you are, insulin resistant and higher glucose.  Ask doctor to test insulin, inflammatory markers and vitamin D levels or order your own blood testing via:
    2. Ketone and Glucose Testing with Keto Mojo
    3. Nutrisense for CGM testing
  14. Digital Detox? Eliminate or set times only when on social media and browsing on devices!

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The WHOLESTIC Method 5-Day Jumpstart Food Plan:

  • FAST – Intermittent Fasting = not eating 12-16 hours per day by stop eating three hours before bedtime
  • FEED – Time restricted eating window & low carb, nutritious, real food menu plan with more liquid calories for a digestive reset
    • BREAK your FAST when starting to feel hungry – allow your body to feel hungry
    • Start with liquid calories as a cup of bone broth or nutritious low carb protein shake
    • Eat mindfully, eat slowly and be present
    • One main meal each day, preferably middle afternoon between 1pm-4pm.
    • Organic, grass-fed bone broth each day with option to add healthy fats as ghee, MCT oil or grass-fed butter if more active.
    • Apple Cider Vinegar “Detox” Drink – Braggs ACV, lemon, cayenne pepper, cinnamon
    • Green Tea (Jasmine Green Tea is my favorite) and herbal medicinal tea for supporting liver and digestion as “Dandy Tea” with dandelion, turmeric, and milk thistle.
    • Filtered mineral water -still or sparkling (avoid drinking out of cans!!)
    • Superfoods Meal Replacement Shake made with grass fed whey protein as Kion or Ancient Nutrition Bone Broth Protein mixed with water, ice, coconut milk, nut butter
    • Enjoy one or two Green Drinks as Athletic Greens, Dr. Cowen’s greens, Dr. Anna’s Mighty Maca + Keto Green shake or make own low glycemic green drink (cucumber, celery and avocado).
  • One main meal late afternoon or early evening – healthy protein (choose organic grass-fed meat, free range chicken or wild caught fish) with healthy fats (choose from avocado oil, coconut oil, olive oil, ghee, macadamia oil, grass fed butter, and more) with an optional side of healthy, organic seasonal vegetable as Brussel sprouts, asparagus, broccoli or cauliflower if tolerated.


  1. Suggested Nutrient Boosting Fat loss & Fasting Supplements:
    1. Liposomal Vitamin D3/K2 or Cod Liver Oil
    2. ENERGYbits and RECOVERYbits …or VITALITYbits
      1. Use code thelowcarbathlete at checkout for 20% off every purchase!
    3. Mighty Maca + Keto Green from Dr. Anna Cabeca for hormone balance

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  • Kion Aminos = 20g; Pre or post workout
  • Kion Creatine (for muscle building protocol) = 5g; Per day
  • Kion Organic Coffee (decaf) = Optional but drink French roast in morning before 12pm.
  • Kion Lean:  when eating higher carb meal as at night or on “flex day” (once a week)
  • Kion Flex:  take at night if injuries, inflammation or sore muscles
  • Kion Omegas: take with food
  • Kion Clean Whey Protein

Other favorites include:

  1. Hypertonic minerals:
    1. Quinton Hypertonic – in the morning upon rising; 1 packet; In 20 ounces of filtered water
    2. Isotonic- evening
  2. MUD/WTR in morning to midafternoon: 1 scoop mixed with hot water in morning plus optional add MCT oil, Collagen Creamer
  3. Athletic Greens: 1 scoop mixed with filtered water mid-morning (break-fast) and post lunch/early afternoon on stressful/busy days; option to add ice, water, MCT oil and ½ avocado to make more satiating shake.

Digestive Support:

  1. Vibrant Blue Oils Parasympathetic Oils to help digestion, detox and sleep; Apply behind ear before meal and sleep
  2. BiOptimizers
  3. Masszymes with main meal for digestion
  4. KAPEX in morning for enhancing fast plus with heavier protein/fat meal (lunchtime)
  5. Probiotics- with meal
  6. Magnesium– before bed

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