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Episode #499 Ingrid Hillhouse on Fueling & Training for ULTRA Endurance Events!

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Ingrid Hillhouse, our guest for today, is an ultra-endurance athlete and health coach passionate about helping her clients find freedom and balance in their journey to optimal health. Having completed 13 Ironman distance triathlons, 6 Ultraman distance tris, the Rocky Racoon 100-mile trail run, and other ultra-endurance events, Ingrid has dreamed big and experienced the highest highs and lowest lows of racing and training throughout her journey. She has studied and experimented with many different dietary theories and fueling strategies over the past 15 years. After facing and overcoming health challenges and burnout caused by an unhealthy relationship with her professional career, stress, exercise, and ultra-processed sugary foods, Ingrid is on a mission to help other people shift their lifestyle habits and live healthy life.

During our discussion, you will discover how to fuel, train and perform your best as an endurance athlete during long endurance events without burnout. Ingrid shares how she got into endurance events, how she got into an unhealthy relationship with sugar, and how she managed to quit the sugar addiction. She also talks about the tips we can use to train for endurance events without burnout and how we can match our fueling and training as low-carb endurance athletes. Tune in to learn more!

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[05:00] Ingrid Hillhouse’s background information

[11:04] How Ingrid got into endurance events and the type of events that she does

[16:00] How Ingrid got into an unhealthy relationship with sugar and food

[19:09] What led Ingrid to start coach

[22:12] The journey to becoming a low-carb endurance athlete

[26:13] How Ingrid managed to quit the sugar addiction

[30:46] The change to a healthy lifestyle starts with you

[32:41] The importance of testing and not guessing

[33:41] Tips to train for endurance events and prevent burnout

[41:20] Balancing your training and recovery

[44:38] Matching your fueling and training as a low-carb endurance athlete

[54:00] The benefits of protein in our body

[56:16] Tips to recover from the long endurance events

[01:00:50] The ketones supplements


Notable quotes:

  • “Learning that you have to deal with what drives you and make it a healthy relationship, you have to deal with a lot of negative emotions.”
  • “Getting clear of the physical detox starts to reset your brain from always being fighter flight and allows a place for some peace and severity.”


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