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Episode #501 Dr. Matt Angove on Blood Vitality for Performance Gains

Debbie chats with Dr. Matt Angove on what to look for on your comprehensive blood chemistry test and when to dive in deeper to the root cause(s)- specifically today we focus on Iron levels and your ferritin marker.

We chat about…

  1. Why is iron important for athletic performance?
  2. Why are you at increased risk for iron deficiency as an athlete?
  3. Signs and symptoms of low iron levels

Dr. Matt’s WHY… “I believe that age doesn’t have to define you as an athlete and even though 40+ athletes have less margin than they used to when they were younger, they can still make gains in their fitness by supporting both their health AND performance. Regularly, I see athletes who are putting out massive physical exertion and yet they are doing it with limited physical resources. Iron is one of those resources that is extremely important for optimal athletic performance. I’ve had the privilege of helping countless patients optimize their ferritin levels. Most of these patients are female and at critical junctures in their lives such as during pregnancy or training for a marathon that require optimal iron levels. In fact, my wife had low ferritin levels while pregnant with our twins (yes, twins) and Blood Vitality increased her ferritin in just a couple of months without giving her black stools as she was accustomed to with other irons. Unfortunately, many doctors don’t test ferritin levels or if they do, prescribe iron supplements that are not easily absorbed and therefore not assimilated by the body and in the process cause digestive distress. This is why I formulated Blood Vitality which is a whole food form of iron is delivered in a unique form called Hydrolyzed Whole Protein Chelate. This unique form is what makes it easier to digest and absorb without the side effects commonly associated with iron supplements.”

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