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Episode #518 with Dr. Carla Digirolamo on High Performing Female Athletes

Dr. Carla Digirolamo

High-performing/active women often get lost in mainstream medicine because research that drives recommendations often comes from sedentary individuals.   They are equally lost in the fitness industry because most of what we know about physical performance comes from studies of males. My mission is to bridge the gap and help high-performing/active women thrive and perform through every stage of their lives

Her expertise as a reproductive endocrinologist is women’s hormones through every life stage and as a CrossFit trainer / certified nutrition coach / lifelong recreational athlete.  She is the sole author of the Menopause Health and Fitness Specialist Course given through MedFit Education Foundation,

She is one of 5 experts who contributed to Strong by Feisty Media, which is a strength training course for women, by women for all stages of female life and all fitness levels.

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