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A reminder for you today as we start a new week and a new month…and as we get closer to the busy holiday season!

We need to work on WHAT we are eating, WHEN we are eating and HOW we are eating.

Switching from a high carb diet to a low-carb diet doesn’t work overnight for most people – especially if you have chronic external stressors and HIDDEN internal stressors that you don’t know about unless you TEST with functional labs (see an FDN-Practitioner to get help!).

I am sure you have leaky gut and some symptoms of digestive dysfunction that may be far removed from the actual area(s) of improvement.
In my group and individual health coaching programs, we focus on rebuilding the digestion system and improving the gut wall lining (leak gut).

We have a process… and there is a method to the madness! Most everyone would benefit from taking HCL betaine, digestive enzymes and Megasporebiotic (spore based probiotic) before their meal to aid in the digestive process. PLUS eating in the PNS state to be able to activate the digestive processes.

We need assistance in breaking down our food into usable forms so taking HCL to improve the acidic environment in the stomach then digestive enzymes are an essential part of the process to improve breakdown and absorption of nutrients- carbs, proteins and fats as well as micro nutrients.

Focus…How we eat. When we eat. What you eat.

IF and TRE: Eating in your 8 hour feeding window.

Eating slowly and mindfully…stop and focus on your meal!

Eating a lower carbohydrate, higher protein and higher healthy fats to balance blood sugar…check out quiz as well as DNAFit to learn more about your individual needs!

Learn more in my next 5-day detox Jumpstart program in November and December then early bird registration begins for my January 30-day total transformation program (limited to 20 clients).

The cost for the five day Detox Jumpstart Challenge with online coaching is only $97.

We work together as a group, or a team, to optimize the body system’s to burn fat with a liver and cellular detox…. and understand WHY we need to detox!

The group environment provides motivation, accountability, support and more as we work together with similar struggles, goals and questions.

If you want to improve your ability to lose fat weight, gain energy and thrive each day then get started on my “The WHOLESTIC Method” Phase One program – then we will dive deep in January with my 30-day Total Transformation fat loss program ($597 per person).

Click here to register for the 5-day program.   We will meet before we kick off the 5-day program with an one hour online webinar to review the program details, benefits, goals and answer your questions.

Pre-registration is required as I need to send you your program “homework” before we meet for our webinar!

Space is limited to 20 clients per program.

Upcoming Online Group Fat Loss Program Dates:

  1. Pre-Thanksgiving 5-Day Detox Challenge November 17th 4pm PST
  2. Holiday 5-Day Detox Challenge on December 8th 4pm PST
  3. New Year’s 30-day Total Transformation January 2nd 4pm PST

Why do you need to do my program at least once a year??

  • Get a jumpstart on The WHOLESTIC Method program with Phase One: 5-day Jumpstart Fat Loss Challenge to improve your relationship to food as we work on what to eat, when to eat and how to eat.
  • We will begin to process of becoming fat adapted, regain energy and feel better on the inside out.
  • The program is online with a group of 10-20 other clients with similar struggles that will provide accountability, support and team work as you attend the team calls (two days a week) from anywhere in the world.
  • We kick off the program with an online ZOOM webinar and Nutritional Therapy paperwork to allow time to prepare the kitchen, house, environment and lifestyle. 
  • The webinar and team calls are held on ZOOM to dive into each element of “The WHOLESTIC Method” and the three phases of the 30-day program.
    • Phase One: Liver detox & reset
    • Phase Two: Digestion repair & rebuild
    • Phase Three: Maintenance

Our ZOOM video conference calls will help keep you on track, ask questions, discuss various topics of THE WHOLESTIC METHOD as well as to support and motivate each other. 

1. Fat adaptation process to teach your body to burn fat – not sugar as main fuel source

2. Intermittent Fasting to burn fat, repair and detox

3.  Liver Detox and improve gut health

4.  Reduce sources of stress

5.  Improve energy, clarity and focus

6.  Decrease inflammation and increase healing

7.  Speed up fat loss

The 30-day total transformation fat loss program is broken into three phases to help you become a fat burning machine, optimize health at a cellular level (mitochondria!) and improve performance in daily life (longevity!)  with The WHOLESTIC Method coaching program. 

Phase one is the five day detox then we move into Phase two for our 21-day sugar detox/fat loss program as we focus on digestive reset and repair… then Phase three is maintenance 80/20 program to teach you how to continue this new lifestyle…and not “diet” then return to your old habits!

Key words: Sustainability. Bio-Individuality. Test – Not Guess.

Learn more on

Click here to sign up or contact me for more information!   You won’t regret it.  Let’s see if we can recruit ten people for our Kona team!

The WHOLESTIC Method Program manual is available on Amazon (Debbie Potts) includes eight elements to transform the WHOLE you from the inside out!

  1. Nutrition
  2. Exercise
  3. Sleep
  4. Stress
  5. Movement and mobility
  6. Digestion and gut health
  7. Hydration
  8. Happiness and gratitude

You can get started by ordering the recommended products below to get started on your your new journey as we repair, rebuild and recalibrate the WHOLE you from the inside out.

It is not just WHAT we eat… but WHEN we eat and HOW we eat.

Most all of us have broken and dysfunctional digestive systems including liver congestion and leaky gut.

My suggestions to enhance the program and transformational process include:

My recommended links for The WHOLESTIC Method 5-day Detox Jumpstart challenge and 30-day total transformation programs:

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