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The Best-Selling Magnesium for Stress and Sleep

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Magnesium Breakthrough is the ONLY organic, full-spectrum magnesium supplement that includes 7 unique forms of magnesium. 🙌

This formula helps with stress relief and getting deeper, more restful sleep – all in one bottle.

Dr. James DiNicolantonio posted today…

There is a vicious cycle between STRESS and MAGNESIUM.  Low magnesium INCREASES stress.  Stress INCREASES magnesium LOSS.  Thus, stress leads to magnesium deficiency and vica versa.  Without magnesium your body can’t recover from stress.– Social Media for Dr. James DiNIC.

When you get all 7 critical forms of magnesium, pretty much every function in your body gets an upgrade:

  • It’s like giving your brain a new battery
    • You’ll get deeper, more restful sleep
  • Experience decreased anxiety levels 
    • Reduce pain, inflammation, and muscle spasms or aches
  • And have less stress with a new sense of calm

(Unfortunately, most magnesium supplements fail because they are synthetic and are NOT FULL SPECTRUM. 🙅‍♂️ Meaning they only contain 1-2 forms of magnesium at best.)

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Just check out what this Magnesium Breakthrough user has to say… head here to read it!


The WHOLESTIC Method Coach,

Debbie Potts

P.S. It’s easy to overlook magnesium as “boring” or not very important. But I promise you, magnesium is WAY more important for your health than you might think. And this is one of the best magnesium formulas you can get.

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