Let’s GET STRONG in 2022!

Who is ready to join me to get strong and transform your body in the next year?

I just turned 5-0 in November 2021 and I am ready to look-feel-perform my best in the second half of my life.

What are you doing now to improve your strength?

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B Strong BFR Bands allow you to exercise smarter, safer, and improve overall strength and fitness in less time with greater results.

The bands are worn around the upper portion of the arms/or legs to safely restrict the blood in the limb. Unlike traditional BFR bands, our bands are inflated to individualized pressures prescribed by our B Strong Training System.

You’re able to achieve a full-body workout in only 20-30 minutes while reducing the risk of injury from heavy weights. B Strong can be incorporated in any workout routine, whether you like to run, swim, bike, do yoga, or lift weights.

How long will it take to see an effect?

By using B Strong BFR bands along with the guidance app, you should see a marked improvement on the order of 10% strength gains in as little as 10-15 sessions if done 3-5x per week, 1x per day. Our application is designed to keep you safe and work your way toward the pressures that are appropriate for you, as each individual is different. B Strong is much more than just BFR bands. We bring you the expertise in an easy-to-implement fashion so you can simply Pump up ‘n Go™.

You can do any exercise you can imagine with your B Strong Training System™. The most important point is to follow the guidance of the app. In the app, you should follow the B Strong regimen for sets and repetitions to achieve muscle failure.

Any light weight or partial body weight exercises can be performed with the B Strong Training System™. Jim Stray-Gundersen, MD, BFR expert and co-founder of B Strong, recommends starting with the basic exercises described in the app, then gradually incorporating exercises most specific to the activities relevant to your lifestyle. Examples include cyclists “B-ing” Strong on a stationary bike with BFR bands on their legs or baseball players throwing with BFR bands on their arms.

What are you doing now to improve the FUTURE you?

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