Do you turn off your FLOW state when you workout or do you turn it off?

I get the best ideas and deep thoughts during my long MAF training sessions on my bike rides and when running.

Do you get into the FLOW state or do you turn it off?

I find most people are training with a cell phone for their music but seem to end up constantly distracted with text, email or social media notifications?

You could train with your cell phone in airplane mode so you can still listen to music and podcasts (safely!) while exercising.

Have you ever tried biking or running without background noise or what I now find to be “distractions” away from the FLOW state?

When I have been exercising, usually alone or with my husband, I am totally in the zone and my brain is on fire.  Perhaps because I have ketones flowing to my brain when exercising in a fasted state or perhaps I am finally “FREE” of extra stress of owning a fitness studio starting October 1st after 12 years.

I am discovering new create ideas and business planning for how to brand and build “The WHOLE Athlete Coaching Program”.  My new focus is finally going to be able to be on one thing as I could never run the fitness studio, train clients, coach athletes, plus do my own training and racing at the same time.

A weight has been lifted off my shoulders- but I am also scared at the same time as I feel excited!  A new journey and taking a big leap off the edge is a risk.  How do you know if you are doing the right thing?

I often trust my gut…I trust my intuition.  My plan to train clients in another studio fell through last week – even though my other two trainers that I referred to this fitness studio were able to lock in times to train their clients. The studio owner did not have time for me to train my clients two days a week.

Is that a sign or what?

Take a leap of faith.  Sometimes you just have be pushed a little bit to move on and get outside of your comfort zone.  Closing my studio and not being able to renew the lease as I have kept doing the last four years is a major deal for me.  I actually renewed my lease this past May 2019 for two years with a six month kick out clause but as I was signing my new lease the building owners decided to give me five months notice.

It is time to move on…the universe is telling me! 
Let yourself get into the FLOW state when you train and you will find the right path to follow!

I have so many questions, concerns and fears… how do I become successful with my online group and individual coaching program while making enough revenue to pay off studio debt and start to invest money into my retirement finally?

We shall find out this October 2019!

  1. Learn how chronic stress impacts your ability to burn fat, optimize health and improve performance
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  4. The WHOLESTIC Method Individual coaching to help transform the WHOLE individual from the inside out – using Nutritional Therapy, DNAFit, Functional Diagnostic Nutrition assessments and MORE!

Keep connected on my blog, podcast and social media!  I become aware of my passion, purpose and mission while creating methods to create impact on my bike rides and runs because I am unplugged.

Disconnect to connect with yourself as well as others!

Let the FLOW state enter your mindset when you exercise as it is therapy!

Debbie Potts



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