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Practice what you preach… and that is what I am doing starting officially October 1st, 2019.

My “The WHOLESTIC Method” Journey as I become an “FDN Practitioner” in 2019!

Learn about my new mission to train The WHOLE Athlete from the inside out with The WHOLESTIC Method Coaching Program.

If you follow my blog, podcast and read my personal story I shared in my book LIFE IS NOT A RACE as well as THE WHOLESTIC METHOD Manual… you know by now I am passionate about sharing the impact on living life as a race on the WHOLE you!  Chronic stress impacts every system of the body – creating a cascade of dysfunction or as the founder of FDN says … “METABOLIC CHAOS”.

Chronic stress impacts your ability to burn fat, optimize health and performance in daily life!  I should know as I have had all of this happen to me since 2013!  Now as I become an FDN Practitioner, or specifically a Functional Diagnostic Nutrition Practitioner, I will be adding additional services to my “The WHOLESTIC Method” coaching program.

My new mission and journey is to help educate/coach other Type A Athletes to avoid  breaking down their body systems from the inside out (“METABOLIC CHAOS”) and burning out on life because they are living life as a race!

I learned first hand that any type of excessive, non-stop stress that become CHRONIC:

  • disrupts our natural homeostasis
  • leads to loss of function or rather creates DYS-Function
  • dysfunction of our body’s systems leads to loss of ease or … DIS-EASE!
  • Then we find ourselves with multiple dys-function which results in “METABOLIC CHAOS”

If we don’t identify our RED FLAGS our body sends us – we start to experience unexplained symptoms.  Suddenly we begin to feel fatigued and not our “normal” selves anymore.  Perhaps you have felt this way as I did starting back in 2013… and then we begin the search for answers and for someone to put the pieces of the puzzle together.  I just wanted to feel alive and thriving again- plus I was depressed because I didn’t have the ability to train and race anymore as I was weak, over weight, over fat and exhausted.  Personally, after I searched help from various medical doctors, practitioners and naturopaths on my search to find someone to “FIX” me and bring me back to life – I  realized we were only treating my long list of symptoms.  I would feel better then try to do what I used to do – then I felt tired, over fat and depressed again.  One step forward and two steps back.  WHY?  Why was this happening to me?

If we only treat our symptoms, even if getting functional detailed labs to find out our imbalances, we only feel “good”  temporarily.  As a Nutritional Therapy Practitioner and soon to be a FDN-Practitioner, I am implementing my training into my coaching program – The WHOLESTIC Method.  In order to feel alive and thriving each day- we need to work on putting the pieces of the puzzle together with a combination of WHOLETIC Method approach:

  • Functional Lab Testing
  • Nutritional Therapy Assessment
  • Nutritional Therapy Functional Evaluation
  • Genetic Testing assessment via DNAFit
  • The WHOLESTIC Method Lifestyle Improvements
  • Metabolic Typing Assessment
  • Metabolic Efficiency Testing

If we don’t find answers…we should look at the WHOLE picture as lab testing and supplementation is only part of the solution.  Treating the symptoms is similar to placing a band-aid on the problem- instead we should look at the WHY and work on correlating the answers.  We need to put the pieces of the puzzle together- or else we continue to have symptoms downstream.  We need to work north and work our way south with the use of labs, nutritional assessment, food log with symptoms, lifestyle habits and genetics.  As a FDN-Practitioner and a NTP, my job as a health coach is to use all the “tools”, including functional labs, to identify healing opportunities to restore function and balance back to a client’s body-  “Optimal NORMAL” is their homeostasis.

The secret sauce on restoring health and vitality, is a client’s commitment to adopting new lifestyle behaviors, nutritional therapy and healing therapy plan.  If a client is not motivated to do their homework, then we are not able to work together.  In FDN as a practitioner, we coach clients with the tools to rebuild their vital and metabolic reserve while we “coach down” their contributors to “METABOLIC CHAOS” to help the client return to the land of vitality.  As we work together to create an individualized plan to solve the reason a client experiences “METABOLIC CHAOS” – their symptoms ideally disappear!  We don’t treat anything specific since we don’t treat the symptoms- but we treat the WHOLE body as one system and get the “engine” running back at optimal level.  Healing takes time, and I know it as my healing journey has taken years to rebuild and renew myself.  The client needs to have reasonable expectations as we all should learn from my errors or mistakes- there is not an easy fix or a magic pill (or supplement) that fixes you.  A new you must be built with a new approach to how we live life each day!

“Symptoms may be far removed from the causal factors or stressors found upstream” ~ Reed Davis

As a practitioner, we help improve the function of body systems with the right assessments including identifying internal and external stressors.

The internal “HIDDEN” stressors with functional lab testing:

  • Hormones
  • Immune
  • Digestion
  • Detoxification
  • Energy
  • Nervous

The individualized healing program for clients ideally will improve function as we remove the HIDDEN internal stressors.  The lab testing we use as a FDN Practitioner will help identify dysfunction and sources of imbalance leading to METABOLIC CHAOS.  As we identify the individual’s healing opportunities and find the right nutrition plan with Metabolic Typing, we can implement the right protocols for success along with observations, re-evaluation and re-testing as appropriate.

The lab testing packages include:

  1. Biohealth 205A – saliva for hormones (or DUTCH test)
  2. Biohealth101 Metabolic Assessment Profile- urine for assessing protein digestion, liver detoxification and oxidative stress
  3. Genova Intestinal Permeability- signs and symptoms of leaky gut
  4. Biohealth 401H GI Pathogen Screen – stool testing for gut infection and infestation (parasites, bacteria, fungi, yeast and Biofilms)
  5. Oxford Mediator Release Test (MRT) or ELISA/ACT for identifying food sensitivities that may cause stress via inflammation and irritating the gut.  Stool culture to assess pathology and dysbiosis including tri-chrome stain, stool antigens, yeast, Occult blood and H. pylori.

Stay tuned in for next week’s podcast and blog on PART TWO as I share info on NTP, Kion, DNAFit and StrateGene!

The WHOLESTIC Method Coach,

Debbie Potts

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