Are ready to begin a new health building journey?

Do you LOVE yourself enough to prioritize SELF-CARE?

Why are more people living in FEAR and hiding behind a mask when no one is around them – when we are told that a mask is required when LESS than six feet away?

When we are outside and breathing in the fresh air – why do we wear a mask that limits are ability to take long inhales and longer exhales?

We are scared, afraid and living in fear because of the media and government but we could learn how to SELF-CARE to improve our health and vitality while we are “staying safe” hiding from other human beings.

SELF-CARE health building lifestyle habits are FREE!

  1. Intermittent Fasting… build up to not eating 16 hours a day!
  2. Sunrise and sunset walks
  3. Sleep hygiene routine and create a sleep cave
  4. Movement throughout the day at “meal times” outside
  5. Taking time out to reset and reboot with nasal breathing exercises
  6. Strength training- lift “heavy” items with proper form, core engagement and alignment. You can be creative!
  7. Yoga, Pilates and Meditation – free videos on YouTube as Travis Eliot.
  8. Spend more time in the sunshine getting your vitamin D – around 10am to 2pm on your skin!
  9. Spend more time in nature- go play in your yard, garden, and find hiking trails near your home.
  10. Do you live near the beach? Go for a barefoot walk on the beach anytime of the year.

Vitamin D? Eat real food? Become Fat adapted and get off the blood sugar roller coaster? Insulin Resistance?

We don’t hear the scientific facts from the government and media to help improve our immune system as it is not in a form of a pill. Shopping the aisle for real food and finding a local farmers market to want local is ideal while we avoid the processed, packaged foods (frankenfoods). Watch, listen and learn from my friend Mike Mutzel who follows the science and researches daily…

The Big pharma and big food corporations are not going to make money off of us buying real food and getting healthy with nutritional therapy. If we all work together to share free or affordable health building nutrition and lifestyle habits we could all be doing everyday- then maybe we can get back to our new “normal”! This past year should have been a wake up call for the world – and especially United States.

Obesity and Insulin Resistance is an epidemic …and this pandemic is escalated because of the millions of unhealthy people in our world (who may be given the wrong advice or treatment!) Sadly, 500,000 people died this past year because of CV related virus but we how many people could we have saved if they ate the right foods for their body, exercised daily, reduced chronic stress, focused on getting quality sleep and elevated their Vitamin D levels from spending more time in the outdoors (supplementing in the winter months if living north). So many thoughts, dreams and wishes.


What is my WHY?  What is my purpose?  Passion? Mission?

My passion and purpose are chronic stress. I was a “high performing, ambitious, driven” athlete who burned and broke down the body systems starting obviously in 2013.  My life has changed since then and my business mission.  CHRONIC Stress impacts the WHOLE you from the inside out so now I focus on being a health and fitness coach to help others avoid going through what happened to me.  Athletes don’t seem to want my help but any driven, high performing, ambitious individual who is trying to do “all the right things” but still struggling to get the desired results to live their best life- perform their best and improve the aging process.

Are you striving to be FIT and HEALTHY?  Or feeling fit, fat and unhealthy?

Is your driven approach living life destroying your health from the inside out and speeding up the aging process?

Do you feel fat, fatigued and frazzled no matter what program you try to follow?

Sign up a discovery call with me to learn more about my individualized comprehensive health rebuilding coaching packages.  Learn how to Reset, Reboot and Recalibrate the WHOLE you from the inside out with The WHOLESTIC Method program. 

There is more to being FIT and HEALTHY than what you eat and how you train.  Learn how you can improve the WHOLE you from the inside out for peak performance gains and longevity with an individualized coaching program by collecting clues and gaining insights from Nutritional Therapy Assessment, Functional Lab Testing (3-5 tests), DNA Fit, StrateGene and health intake forms. 

Life is Not a Race. It is a Journey.   Slow down and Enjoy the process. Make it sustainable. Age gracefully. Positive Vibes.  Positive Attitude. Positive Energy.  Live in the moment. Enjoy the Ride.

We can all learn how to become fat burners, optimize health at a cellular level (mighty mitochondria!) and improve performance in daily life activities so we thrive and feel alive each day! 

  • Are you fit but over fat and unhealthy?
  • Do you struggle with fatigue, poor recovery and weight gain?
  • Is your battery not recharging each day?  

The struggle is real, and you are not alone.  You can feel your best self and live your best life.  

Reboot-Recalibrate-Reset the WHOLE you from the inside out to improve performance 

Avoid burnout and break down of your body systems by learning about your “Red Flags” and how-to self-care to improve the aging process.

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Learn from my experience- living life as a race for too many years!  My focus, passion, purpose and mission are to help other ambitious, driven individuals, who are stuck trying to get results when doing all the “right” things, get their body and vibrant self-back again by getting their hands on well-chosen functional lab tests to reveal hidden sources of internal CHRONIC stress that are impacting our ability to feel our best selves!

Now you can have access to the three step program that helped me get my life back. My goal is to be the health and fitness coach that I always wanted someone to be for me – so now I have spent the last ten years learning how to become a functional health practitioners from various coaching programs as Ben Greenfield, Paul Chek, Bob Seebohor, NTA, FDNP and more educational courses along my journey!

Learn the tools for your unique self:  repair, rebuild and restore the WHOLE you with The WHOLESTIC Method Health (RE) Building Comprehensive Personalized Coaching Program.

Endurance Athletes Pyramid

The WHOLESTIC Method Program Packages

The 30-Day Group Program:  Transform the WHOLE you from the inside out to become fat adapted, optimize health and improve performance in life and sports for 20-30 participants. Three phase program in 30-days to get a jumpstart on new eating habits and health building lifestyle tips.

The Comprehensive Individualized Health (RE) Building Packages:

  1. The Jumpstart
  2. The Intensive
  3. The Total Transformation

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The WHOLESTIC Method & The impacts of CHRONIC STRESS on the WHOLE you…

If you exercise too much- you may be contributing to leaky gut and dysbiosis!

How does non-stop stress impact your ability to burn fat, optimize health and the aging process?

We discuss these topics on my blog and The Low Carb Athlete podcast…

  1. How does CHRONIC stress impact your DIGESTION & ASSIMILATION of the food you eat?
  2. How does CHRONIC stress impact connect with EXERCISE?
  3. How does CHRONIC stress impact your ability to get quality SLEEP?
  4. How does CHRONIC stress impact your microbiome and immune system?
  5. How does CHRONIC stress impact your nutrition requirements? 

Remember, I was eating low-carb real food meals and I was doing morning fasted workouts plus a very efficient fat burning endurance athlete (New Leaf Metabolic Testing Cart) …but I still burned out and broke down my body systems from doing too much in life.  My beaker of stress overfilled constantly from external stressors (financial, work stress, busy days, over exercising) and hidden internal stressors (a result or because of my chronic stress?) that were detected in functional lab tests. 

We may never know the root cause as there is never one thing but rather an accumulation of various factors that impact your ability to defend the immune system and maintain homeostasis – balance in the body systems at a cellular level.  As a certified Functional Diagnostic Nutrition Practitioner, we call it METABOLIC CHAOS® …


What are you doing to maintain balance and organization in your body systems to avoid the domino effect?  I know I am all about how (and where) I am living my life after age 70.  What about you?

Read more about Metabolic Chaos® here –

My job as a health detective coach is to look upstream (work North to South), using functional labs to help collect hidden clues of dysfunction, identify healing opportunities to help us work together to repair, rebuild, and restore function -to bring back balance or homeostasis in all of the body’s systems while we depend on the body’s own innate intelligence to reboot and recalibrate as it is designed to do naturally!

As a health detective and coach, I will provide suggestions to my clients to implement wellness behaviors and therapies to help reboot their vital reserve/strategic reserve/metabolic reserve – at the same time we together to diminish the hidden internal stressors that are contributing to the client’s Metabolic Chaos®.  The goal of the program, or new health re-building journey, is to lead clients back to a state of optimal health and vitality – as their symptoms disappear naturally with the right protocol.

Are you ready to discover how you can take the three simple steps towards living your best life and feeling your best self every day?

Schedule a consult with me here to learn about my three coaching packages to help you burn fat, optimize health and improve your performance.

The WHOLESTIC Method Coach,

Debbie Potts

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