Here is what I have been taking around two hours before bed: Glycine (3-5g) with LMNT salts …

N = 1, so be sure to experiment and track with devices as WHOOP or OURA ring.

Also, I like to mix up my “sleep stack” supplements with CBD, melatonin, lemon balm and other sleepy time herbs.

What is GLYCINE?

  1. L-Glycine promotes muscle growth and boosts recovery. It helps maintain lean muscle mass into old age.
  2. Repairs and protects joints and cartilage, it plays a part in the formation of collagen, promoting the growth and function of joints, tendons and ligaments.
  3. Improves digestion by helping to rebuild tissue that lines the digestive tract, keeping food particles and bacteria inside the gut where they belong.
  4. Helps form glutathione which can slow the effects of aging and build the immune system.
  5. L-Glycine is an amino acid essential for many different muscle, cognitive and metabolic functions.
  6. It helps break down and transport nutrients like glycogen and fat to be used by cells for energy, and in the process, it supports strong, digestive and nervous systems.
  7. In the human body, glycine is found in high concentrations in the skin, connective tissues of the joints and muscle tissue.
  8. One of the key amino acids used to form collagen and gelatin, glycine can be found in bone broth and other protein sources. In fact, glycine is part of what gives “superfood” bone broth its amazing healing ability.

Story of L-Glycine

SLEEP HACK: Glycine 3 grams 1-2 hours before bed! Also, you may benefit from a small snack as some bee keepers honey

Sleep Hacks: Glycine 1-2 hours before bed

The studies done in humans have usually used three grams of glycine. This was typically provided around 1 – 2 hours before bed.

People who get a higher amount of dietary glycine are shown to have …

  1. better insulin sensitivity
  2. less abdominal fat
  3. 1 lower blood pressure
  4. fewer risk factors for cardiovascular events like a heart attack or stroke.2

Glycine supplementation can

  1. increase antioxidant levels
  2. reduce inflammation3
  3. increase growth hormone levels when given in a single high dose,4,5
  4. It may be beneficial for exercise performance and muscle building.
  5. Glycine is a non-essential amino acid with “essential” roles in our body

A large dose of 3g of glycine was shown to improve participant’s satisfaction with sleep.20 

  • People who received glycine before bed time also reported feeling reduced daytime sleepiness, more feelings of “liveliness and peppiness” during the day and an overall quality of “clear-headedness.”19
  • ”While glycine can be found in capsule form and bought over the counter, it may provide additional benefits when paired with other nootropic ingredients.
  • Non-habit forming sleep aid nootropics tend to contain ~500mg of L-glycine and are paired with magnesium glycinateL-theanine, and melatonin; ingredients which have been shown separately to reduce the time to fall asleep, increase sleep quality and efficiency, and reduce stress, anxiety, and inflammation.22,23,24

Peak Performance – MUSCLE GAINS!

  1. Experiments have shown that taking a single bolus with a high dose (22.5 grams) of glycine caused a 60% surge in growth hormone release from the pituitary gland in under five minutes.12
  2. A rapid growth hormone boost post-workout will help stimulate protein synthesis, build muscle, and promote recovery for the next workout.

More of my sleep hacks to come as my OURA Ring scores are improving … again this is what works for ME and you are different than me so just experiment, test and not guess!

The WHOLESTIC Method Coach,

Debbie Potts

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