MORE is not Better.

Too much of anything can lead to congestion, toxicity and inflammation.

Too little of anything can lead to deficiencies, imbalances and inflammation.

The Goldilocks Effect is individualized with lab testing, correlation and assessments.

The struggle is real...but TEST and not guess your WHY.

Are you struggling with unexplained weight gain as myself?

Did you lose your vibrant energetic self over the years and you don’t understand what happened- or WHY?

Did your workout performance go from AMAZING to HORRIBLE overnight?

Do you find yourself struggling to get through the week- or day and just can’t wait until the weekend?

I have been there and now I am on a mission to help you get out of the deep hold- or from falling deeper into the METABOLIC CHAOS hole.

What is my story? 

My story is unique but hopefully you can relate to some of the “Red Flags” and symptoms as I try to help other individuals, similar to myself, avoid going down the wrong road – and extremely long road to recovery and repair if you make the wrong choices (by avoiding those obvious red flags!).

just because your lab results from your doctor come back “normal”- does NOT mean that you are healthy on the inside and out. 

Diet and exercise are not the only answers to GETTING HEALTHY. 

Most athletes are probably fit on the outside but unhealthy on the inside.

if you are results driven then don’t treat the symptoms or the lab results – plus don’t put a Band-Aid on the problems.  Instead, we need to investigate what is actually going on “under the hood” by running a few different functional lab tests to see the WHOLE picture and then treat the person (NOT the lab results).

Remember… Doctors don’t have all the answers. 

My goals are to inspire individuals to feel empowered about their health journey and to take responsible for their own health- and not depend on a pill to solve their problems. We need to investigate the WHOLE person to create an individualized program to burn fat, optimize health and improve performance – for life and sports! I focus on LONGEVITY! How do I want to be living my life after age 70?

For example…

LEAKY GUT is not just for people who eat the wrong foods. 

Too MUCH EXERCISE can contribute to leaky gut!

They found that strenuous exercise can damage intestinal cells, leading to short- and long-term gut problems. The damaged tissue can then cause toxic substances to leak out of the intestines and into the bloodstream. The researchers found that exercising in high temperatures can exacerbate these effects.”


“Too much of anything can be harmful, and that includes exercise. It can cause elevations in stress hormones, like cortisol and adrenaline, which when chronically elevated do have negative repercussions such as insomnia, gastrointestinal distress, elevated blood pressure, emotional disturbances, and muscle fatigue and break down.”

Exercise, as soon as it begins, and with increasing intensity, naturally shunts your blood flow (and its oxygen, nutrients, and ability to clear waste products) away from your stomach and intestines and toward the working muscles to facilitate the movement you are undertaking, a process often referred to as hypo-perfusion.  This reduced blood flow in and around the tissues in the stomach can cause chaos with these cells, especially if you are continuously feeding your gut with fluids and food while minimal digestion is occurring. 

The GI tract can become even more permeable while running or engaging in other sports that have repetitive up and down mechanical motions.

A hot environment can also exacerbate these effects. An athlete who is doing very intense exercise-to-exhaustion (like HIIT training or Cross-fit) or long duration/endurance exercise is most susceptible. However, overtraining, under-recovering, or doing any exercise that occurs without proper gut attention can put you at risk.  

Other factors that involve gut bacteria or hormone imbalances can increase your risk for gut permeability issues, such as taking an antibiotic, not producing enough digestive enzymes or hydrochloric acid in your stomach to break down foods, poor blood sugar control, stress, pregnancy, or menopause.”

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Look at the WHOLE picture as something as Candida Overgrowth may be a result of something else.

Weight gain is not always because you are eating too many foods and exercising too little! 

  • Why does looking good and feeling your best each day matter to you?
  • What drives you to do eat right, move and exercise right each day?

I created “The WHOLESTIC Method” almost ten years ago to create awareness that we can’t out exercise a bad diet, nor can we out supplement poor lifestyle habits.  We are what we eat, but we are also what we are able to digest and absorb.  We can’t just depend on exercising to be healthy- rather we need to work on creating health building lifestyle habits, as the eight elements of The WHOLESTIC Method, along with a whole food based, nutrient dense food plan that supports our microbiome, ancestral background, metabolic type and food sensitivities.

  • Do you share similar passions to me?
  • What is my purpose?
  • What is my point of view? 

Honestly, I am exhausted of doctors ignoring patient’s health complaints because their lab results are “normal” on the paper.

Just because your lab results look “normal” on the basic labs the doctor will run under your insurance plan – doesn’t always mean that nothing is wrong with you and it is just a result of the aging process or your genetics!

There is not a “one size fits all approach” for clients…

or one diet for everyone.  I know firsthand from coaching clients for 30 years (since college!), that exercise alone doesn’t help “Fix” common health problems all and adding nutrition support doesn’t always solve the problems.  There is more to GETTING HEALTHY than exercise and nutrition.  We need to investigate the WHOLE “scene” to collect clues to the “crime”- not just get one clue and close the case.

We need to stop using band-aids to solve our health problems as thyroid medication or anti-acid pill or medication.  Doctors do not have all the answers – instead we should work as a team and refer out when needed. 

My goal is to look, feel and live my best life in the second half of my life!  We all should be able to feel absolutely AMAZING in our own body and enjoy our later years in life – so what we do NOW will only improve the aging process and our journey in our later years.  I plan on traveling the world, biking, hiking and running – without limitations or excuses.  We should be living life to the fullest – instead of blaming our age or accepting our health issues as our new “normal”.

What is the secret to improving the aging process? 

Taking care of the WHOLE you today and not wait until it is too late or takes too many years to reverse the damage done to your cells. We need to connect our mind to our body, so we are able to be alert to the RED FLAGS that the body presents to us- warning signs that we are doing too much or too little in life to optimize our health from a cellular level. 

Don’t you want to understand what is going on “under your hood” instead of guessing and assuming you are health?  I don’t want to assume that my immune system is strong enough to recover quickly from the CV19 Virus – I want to do everything I can with lab testing, healing protocols and lifestyle behaviors to ensure my immune system is strong and robust! 

In my individualized comprehensive coaching program, I provide my clients with a full investigation including nutritional therapy assessments and diagnostic tools to provide the clues we need to create a full repair, rebuild and restoration protocol using proper nutrition plan, sleep, exercise, stress reduction and specific supplement protocol to enhance your transformation journey.  Each plan is unique to the individual client’s background, genetics, food sensitivities, lifestyle habits, personality, microbiome, and more.

  • Be empowered.
  • Be connected.
  • Be inspired.

Let’s discover how you can get started on your fat loss, health and performance journey here.

The WHOLESTIC Method Coach,

Debbie Potts

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