Investigate your missing pieces from your health optimization puzzle to reveal the question WHY!

I love to interview guests on my podcast and start with asking …What is your WHY?

What drives you to do what you do everyday?

What moves your soul?

What makes your heart happy?

What is your purpose?

I want to share a little bit about me to help explain my WHY.  Why do I do what it do now as a health and fitness coach… why don’t did I close my fitness studio after ten years?  Why did I stop personal training and triathlon/run coaching full time after 28 years? 

Back in the day or back in the year 2012, I was in the best shape of my life.  I was feeling strong, fit and healthy.  My small business, boutique fitness studio, was two years old and growing.  I was competing in the top of my age group for my 12th year of Ironman triathlons as well as other endurance events for running and cycling.  My reputation as a driven, ambitious, high performing individual was established as people always asked my (daily)- “when is your next race” or “I heard about your fitness studio”.  I thought I was invincible – a strong competitive athlete, coach and entrepreneur. 

That was then… this is now.

In the beginning of 2013, I was starting to experience odd, unexplained “red flags” that I ignored at first but by March that year, I no longer had a choice to resist the alarming messages my body was sending me because I had no energy or strength to do anything that required energy or mental focus if I tried!  I woke up one morning 30 pounds heavier, constant injuries and no energy to do any workouts. 

My “old self” in 2012 was the total opposite of how my “new self” felt in the spring of 2013.  What happened to me?  Why did it happen to me? 

Why were other people not struggling with weight gain, fatigue and inflammation as myself? 

How do they get away with doing too much each day and I did not? 

Have you ever felt embarrassed to see your friends or peers? Did you ever feel as if people were talking about you behind your back?

Did you ever want to YELL OUT LOUD that you didn’t change anything- you are not sitting on the sofa hours a day watching T.V. and eating sugary treats full time.

How have you overcome negative programming and switched the thoughts into a positive?

Did you overcome a challenging time in your life that you felt as if you were struggling alone- but ended up appreciating the learning experience and ended up a stronger person instead?

You can read all about my personal story and journey in my book “LIFE IS NOT A RACE IT IS A JOURNEY” I wrote to help other driven, ambitious, high performing individuals discover WHY they need to push “pause, reset and reboot” sooner than later… or else METABOLIC CHAOS® will be the end result!

Fast forward to today, February 2021, I finally figured out how to slow down my fast pace of life (thanks for CV19) and how to treat the WHOLE person by identifying hidden internal sources of CHRONIC stress that are impacting my ability to get my body and vibrant self-back again.

Last year, I ran a full investigation, using the techniques and tools I gained as a certified FDN Practitioner – or Functional Diagnostic Nutrition Practitioner.  The well-chosen functional lab tests that we ordered revealed I was struggling with MOLD TOXICTY, low hormones, dysbiosis, parasites, H. pylori, oxidative stress and poor digestion.  Wow- after MANY years of trying to get help and support from multiple practitioners, experts and doctors… no one looked at multiple labs (included the OATS test) and correlated the test results with my symptoms or health concerns. 

January 2020, I started to focus my energy into building a new health and fitness online coaching business (pre-CV19 pandemic) as I wanted to share my skills, experience, education and journey with other clients who were struggling alone getting the desired results from other health coaching programs.  Now my mission is to help ambitious, driven, high performing individuals, who are struggling getting results by doing all the “right” things, get their body and vibrant self-back again. 

I help clients get their hands-on functional lab tests that they can run from their own home (except the blood test) and guide them on an individualized “D.R.E.S.S. for Health Success®” protocol to help them repair, rebuild and restore their body back to balance so they can finally feel their best, look their best and live their best life!  We just need to investigate what is actually going on “under the hood” to identify H.I.D.D.E.N. internal sources of CHRONIC stress while we work on reducing the identified sources of external CHRONIC stress plus create an individualized nutrition plan, sleep hygiene routine, weekly exercise plan, stress management program and supplement protocol to help the client feel their best self again!

When I work with clients there are 3 main things I focus on to help find out their WHY as we are all unique bio-individuals:

  1. Figuring out what foods are right for your body so it can function at its potential and you can feel your best.
  2. Uncovering hidden healing opportunities using functional lab testing to restore balance to your body.
  3. Teaching you a model of self-care so that you’ll know how to tune into your body at any point in time, give it exactly what it needs and feel like your best self always.

Drop me a message if you are struggling with unexplained weight gain, constant fatigue and other odd symptoms.  I get it. I have been there before, but I always have to check back in with myself and re-assess since I have the personality and genetic tendencies to need additional support.  Perhaps you just need to RESET and REBOOT to feel your best self.  MAYBE you just want to live your best life as I do after 50 – and improve the aging process.  My goal is to embrace the changes in our body as we age and don’t use them as an excuse.

Are you ready to see some changes in your body? 

Do you want to get out of the cycle of “trial and error” and start to see results finally?

Discover more on a complimentary call with me here.

Let’s chat soon.

I am on a mission to help more ambitious, driven, high performing individuals live their best life now.

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